Trick or Treat? Sweet or Salty?

Before every class party (and we found excuses for chips and cupcakes every week it felt like), my fourth grade teacher would divide the chalkboard with a thick piece of chalk, right down the middle. On the left side she’d write “SWEET” and on the right she’d right “SALTY.” Everyone had to volunteer, one by one, to bring something in and she’d record it all on the chalkboard. The cupcakes on the left, the chips on the right. Both sides had to be even because sweet was no more important the salt and vice versa. 
This visual has always stuck with me, especially when I’m whipping up kind of snack in the kitchen. Should I go with sweet, I ask myself, or salty. Why not both?!
Some of my favorite Halloween treats are a sweet and salty combination! Here are three super easy snacks you can make at home that are little bit more grown up than your typical Halloween treats. Throw them in mason jars and they make a great little gift for friends, too. No fun sized chocolate bars in sight.

First up is an old favorite: popcorn and M&Ms. I mean, you can’t go wrong with this combination. You can do this at the movie theater (the chocolate gets all melty!), but I prefer doing it at home with stove popped popcorn. So much fresher and you can control the amount of salt used. I also wait for the popcorn to cool completely before adding the chocolate for an extra crunch.

If you haven’t tried candy corn and peanuts, you haven’t really lived yet? I consider it the best October snack. Truly amazing. Even if you don’t like candy corn you should still try it. The little candies take on a completely different taste when combined with the nuts. A little warning, this stuff is highly addictive. Worth it though!
Roasted pumpkin seeds are delicious when plain. (I toss the seeds with butter and salt and roast for 50 minutes.) One way to add a little sweet to the seeds is to toss with the butter and salt but also a little cinnamon sugar. Or… take it one step further by hand dipping some of the seeds into tempered chocolate.
I dipped a heaping handful of the seeds in chocolate for just a tiny unexpected kick of sweet. 
What’s your favorite sweet/salty combination?

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Movie theater popcorn and M&Ms. As a child I would always have those two things whenever my parents and I went to the movies, and I still do today.