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I hope everyone is able to check out of work for at least a little bit this week. All of my friends have different schedules and it’s kind of sad that the Fourth falls on a Wednesday… do you take more vacation days? Do you do it before or after? With so many options it’s hard to get everyone aligned. I was down the shore this weekend and it seemed like that was the “official” celebration weekend for the Fourth. We’re going up to Upstate New York to have a quiet, low-key holiday. Personally, I can’t wait to waterski and basically spend as much time as possible submerged in the lake. It looks like the heat wave that swept in this weekend is here to stay for a bit!

Even if you’re stuck at a desk, maybe you can do a little “retail therapy” during a break. Seriously, I love the summer sales over/after the Fourth. Best time to do shopping for warm weather clothing because the deals are just irresistible. I have been doing a pretty great job at cutting back on shopping. I’m not at a “zero-buy,” by any means, but it’s definitely reduced by quite a bit. We’ll see how I do during these sales 😉.

Tuckernuck’s seasonal sale just launched yesterday. I always love their inventory, but this summer they took it up a notch. Luckily, some of their “summer staples” are 25% off right now. Everything catches my eye and it’s a major practice of self-restraint to not buy one of everything. Definitely worth checking out! Some of the things on sale that I think you’ll like too:


Navy Shirtdress

My boyfriend recently asked me if people who read my blog realized that I wore jeans and a sweater/sweatshirt every single day of the year. I kind of think, probably yes, considering whenever I do an Insta Story at home I’m wearing the same circuit of sweatshirts. But it’s true… when I work from home, I always get dressed, but it’s 99% of the time jeans and a sweatshirt. 🙈 I just feel most comfortable working in that when I’m at my desk for hours!

With that said, I would consider this my “ideal” outfit for actually leaving the apartment. A classic shirtdress with magic hidden buttons. A fun pop of color in the form of a scarf. A comfortable pair of sneaks. Bam, what could be better?

Hermes Scarf Lookalike

I have featured this scarf on my blog before and it has remained one of my most worn accessories. Remember my jeans + sweater issue? I literally have been wearing this scarf to dress up my at home uniform. It’s crazy how great it makes you look even if you’re wearing something super, super basic. The print and size make it look like Hermés, but it’s under $50. You can’t really beat that. (I want them to make a navy/white and a navy/pink one for next year!)

Ice Bucket Handbag

This little ice bucket bag just kills me. It’s so cute. The lid is clear and slides up and down the handle. The little guy holds quite a collection of items, too.

Carly Heitlinger

Finally, a note about this dress. There are little buttons hidden between the regular buttons to help solve that button-up-gaping-problem that a lot of women (🙋🏻‍♀️) face!

Scarf (c/o) // Dress // Handbag (c/o, also available at Tuckernuck) // Sneakers // Similar Bracelet // Similar Bangle // Similar Necklace

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Any chance you’re going to Lake George? I’m vacationing here with my family and it’s been wonderful so far this week!