Ultimate Super Bowl Party Food

I was cracking up when Louisa sent me the draft for this because I had to look up when the Super Bowl actually is. I knew it was sort of coming up because I’ve seen the store displays and an increase in football related Facebook posts, but as far as the actual date? Clueless.
We used to a attend a family friend Super Bowl party every year. About 75% of the guests were in it for the football and the rest of us would tune in for the commercials (my fave) and the plates and plates and plates of food. Love these recipe suggestions from Louisa– they had my mouth watering!!!
Ultimate Super Bowl Party Food
Guest Post by Louisa from Living Lou

Can you believe that the Super Bowl is around the corner? I’m not the biggest fan of football, but I do enjoy all the excitement and food that goes with the Super Bowl (and I always love watching the halftime show). There are quite a few essentials to keep in mind for hosting or attending a Super Bowl party, and while you can definitely peruse Pinterest for all sorts of creative ideas, I’ve got the essentials covered. 
Tip: Football games are long and the most important thing is to be sure that you have enough seats for your guests – if people feel comfortable sitting on the floor, even better! Next, cover your basics, with enough plates, glasses and plenty of napkins. Set up a food buffet so that guests can help themselves throughout the game. 
1. Double up on dips
You can’t have a football party without dips. What I love about serving dips is that they can often be made in advance and there are plenty of options for both health-conscious guests and vegetarians alike. Classic guacamole is a must, but try experimenting with different kinds of dips like my avocado and feta dip (without fail, this is my most-popular dip ever) and my avocado shrimp dip
Tip: For warm dips, like my cheesy broccoli dip, serve them in the slow cooker which will keep them warm for hours. 
2. Serve something hearty 
It’s important to serve a variety of foods that will satisfy everyone. You could serve sloppy joes, but they can get pretty messy so I prefer serving chili, you can’t go wrong with a classic chili con carne, but I also love my lighter and healthier turkey and white bean chili
Tip: Like a warm dip, you can keep warm foods in the slow cooker and allow guests to help themselves throughout the afternoon and night. 
3. Don’t forget the wings
Can you watch the Super Bowl without having wings? No way! I always bake mine in the oven since deep-frying isn’t something I want to do in my own kitchen, I’ve found a couple of techniques for achieving that crispy skin in the oven, the first is my crispy baked wings (using cornstarch) and the next is using baking powder for my tandoori wings
4. Wing alternatives
There need to be some alternatives out there and my favorite Super Bowl food right now are my baked buffalo chicken legs, which take the flavors of buffalo wings but become even crispier and delicious when served as chicken legs. Stuffed mushrooms are a bite-sized crowd-pleasing favorite and I have a recipe that uses only 5 ingredients – does it get any better?
Tip: Keep these alternatives to bite-sized finger foods. You’re already serving chili which requires bowls so be sure everything else can be eaten off of a plate to keep things simple. 
5. Don’t forget about drinks
Unless you have a lot of extra cash throwing around, I recommend you suggest your guests to bring their own drinks. If people are drinking, please drink responsibly. It’s also important to have non-alcoholic options for guests, I love to whip up a batch of my much-loved non-alcoholic punch. 
Tip: You’ll quickly run out of fridge space to keep drinks cool so have a couple of coolers to tubs at the ready filled with ice. An alternative, if you live somewhere and snowy is to keep drinks in the natural fridge – in the snow outside! 

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