Valentine’s Day Milkshakes

Australia has had these super over the top milkshakes for a few years. I saw them all over Pinterest and seriously considered a trip across the globe to try one, or two. Now, it’s pretty much blowing up the internet that Black Tap, a restaurant in NYC, is making these over the top milkshakes now. And people are lining up for hours to try.
I decided to give it a whirl to see if I could make a cute version at home for Valentine’s Day. I love the way it came out.
Voilà! A super outrageous strawberry milkshake just in time for Valentine’s Day. I really don’t think this is a good (or normal haha) idea for an everyday thing but if you’re hosting a Valentine’s Day party with girlfriends, this could be a fun little Instagrammable and delicious activity. 
For toppings, I grabbed everything and anything in the candy aisle. Marshmallow hearts, conversation lips, sprinkles, cookies, and Peep hearts. You can really go crazy here. The whole point is that the milkshakes end up being absolutely insane
For the milkshake, I thought that strawberry would be the most appropriate flavor considering it’s pink. I just blended ice cream and a splash of milk. You can easily add diced strawberries too for extra flavor.
After pouring the milkshake into a mason jar, I topped it with a heaping swirl of whipped cream. Don’t worry about this part being perfect. I made the mistake of not using enough at first. You really need a lot so there’s space to stick the toppings! 
I added the sprinkles on top (and considered stirring some in to the actual milkshake) and then started pressing the marshmallows and hearts into the whipped cream. For the cookie, I cut a little slice out so it would rest on the lip and pressed the side into the whipped cream.
Add a paper straw for the final touch!

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Omg! This is such a cute idea, and you could definitely do a variation of it for so many different occasions too!



I've seen these all over instagram and love the idea – yours turned out perfectly pink!!


Tori A.

That looks extremely yummy–and also extremely fattening. It's a good thing that Valentines only comes once a year!

Tori A. from Prep For A Day

Haley Higgins

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen! My husband is a milk shake fanatic and this will be a perfect surprise for him on Valentine's Day. So excited to try!