Getting personal on here today. Not in the My Real Selfie way, but in the “we’re all girls here” way. Well, maybe you’re a boy. In which case, this post might not be the most relevant to you.
But for all the girls out there… can we just talk about the struggle of finding the proper fitting undergarments. I’m super picky about the underwear I wear and I have the WORST time finding bras. It’s right up there with finding jeans that fit… bra shopping can drive me up the wall.
The truth is that I’m not a conventional size. Rarely are bras even made in my size (30DD… ridiculous). And when I do find one that size, it’s super frilly and crazy. I’m a simple girl and that is sometimes not the case when it comes to bras in my size. Even companies that boast engineering “perfect” fits for any shape and size don’t have selections that fit me. Welp.
Half the time, I’d prefer to just wear a sports bra because it’s more comfortable and the sizing matters less. (And with my chest, sometimes sweaters– especially boxy ones– look better with a sports bra anyway.)
Because of this little issue, I tend to try bras on all the time in the hopes that one fits like a charm. I used to be mortified by bra shopping. I had a couple of little training bras from Limited Too and Gap Kids that I would wear under my school uniform shirts, but when it was time to shop for real bras, the fun was over. I made my mom and sister refer to them as “bananas” as a code word because god forbid someone hear my mom talking about bras. HA!
Anyway, times have changed and I’m just always on the hunt for the best bras out there. Many times, I have to go with “best fit” even if it doesn’t come in exactly my size. The three brands/bras that are my current favorites:
I’ve been wearing Calvin Klein for as long as I can remember and it’s definitely a great line. If you have a normal size, I would recommend checking out all of Calvin Klein’s bras. Nice selection of just about any kind of bra you can imagine. Plus, there are some great girly or sexy versions that aren’t sleezy. Truth be told, Wacoal bras fit me the best… although they’re not the prettiest bras out there. If you’re looking for fit above anything else, especially girls with fuller chests, you’ll LOVE these bras. When I got fitted for bras in Nordstrom, I was mortified by the stack of Wacoal bras because they looked so matronly, however, the minute I slipped on a shirt on… it was a game changer. Finally a perfect fitting bra!!!
Most recently, I’ve discovered Gap Body. The t-shirt bras look amazing under light shirts and dresses where you don’t want any lumps or bumps or lines. Especially in the summer months, a comfortable and light bra is the best. Obsessed.

Would love to know if anyone else HATES bra shopping… and if you have any secret sources or personal favorites!


PS For underwear, I love Aerie bikinisCommandos (seriously brilliant) and, of course, Hanky Panky (if you sign up for their email list you get $10 off your order… #worthit).

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Allison Schwartz

My "true" size is a 30E, but I've found that if you go up in band size and down in cup size, you can still get a rather close fit. So half of my bras are 32DDs.

Also Town Shop on the upper west side was my life changing moment. experts.


Bra shopping is the worst! Sometimes I wish I was a small size so that I could just wear bralettes and be be done with it! They just look so much comfier than underwire bras. But sadly not the case. I have recently found that the new VS tshirt bra is super comfy! While most of VS bras are a little scandalous for my liking, with a little digging they do have some awesome finds!

Annie N Belle


Oh my goodness! I feel like you've read my mind! I'm a 28 or 30 DD and have THE HARDEST time finding bras! Like you, Wacoal seems to be my best fit. There's not a lot of us odd sized women,so thanks for sharing in the struggle! 🙂


I have a weird size, but the totally opposite problem! I'm a 32AA, so I usually find myself shopping in the kids section for bras. But at least I can get away with not wearing bras sometimes, I suppose!

3 Peanuts

I have the same problem! I am a 32D or 32DD and Wacoal just stopped making my favorite bra in my size. I am SO UPSET!!! Thanks for the links. I will check the other ones out.

young and changing

I have the same problem! Wacoal, Chantelle, and Panache Bras are my go-to brands. Nordstrom and Lord and Taylor have a great selection for different sizes! Wacoal's strapless is life-changing, and Panache has great basic bras for everyday. Bare Necessities is a great place to get them online- they have good deals and a wide selection of brands! I'm a 32F so I fully understand the struggle!

Bailey Johnston

I have the same exact problem! I'm actually the same bra size (30DD) and really trying to find a bra that fits well and looks attractive seems to be one of the hardest things. My favorite one is Calvin Klein Seductive Lift Customized Lift – it is by far the best fitting bra I've ever had. Wacoal's b tempt'd collection also has a few selections of bras in size 30DD and I always think it's great to consider your options – especially when there is such a small amount out there! After reading this post and the responses, I'm glad I'm not alone!


Finding bras is always ridiculous! I have been going to Victoria's Secret for quite a while, but I think it is time I find somewhere else, since I always have issues with their bras.

Prep on a Budget


This is SO helpful! I wear Cacique because they're all I can find in my size, the Wacoal look perfect! Thank you!!

Jordan Price

I definitely feel your pain. I'm a 32DD, so I have a hard time finding bras that fit and numerous times have had to buy a 34D because my true size wasn't available. It works but is never quite as comfy. I usually buy VS – my favorite is the Body by Victoria Lined Demi. I'll definitely have to look into these though!

Nicole Keener

I hate Shopping for bras. I'm a 38DD, I always had a bigger size but after having my daughter they simply stayed bigger. I had finally found a brand that really worked well no spillage, great comfort but it seems that they have changed something in their quality because the straps keep ripping off the band and I have to mend them. 🙁 Really dissappointing.

Tori Scheller

The Victoria's Secret new T-shirt Bra is actually amazing. Soma also has some great bras for women who have more to store. I always am looking for new places to buy bras, definitely one of my favorite things to purchase. Thanks!

Xo, Tori @ Victoria Grace

Mana Smith

I'm a 32DD and I buy all of my bras from VS. The Bombshell bra is the best one I've ever had. It's not scandalous, and it's incredibly comfortable. I usually follow the go up a band size down a cup size rule if I can't find my size so you'd be a 32D or C in the V.S. sizes.

Fashion and Happy Things


Thanks for the links, I always wear VS but I feel like I can probably get a better made bra for what I'm paying for! On another note, since bikini top shopping is almost as tough as bra shopping, I've found these ruffle halter tops from VS that are great since you can buy them in your bra size!

Olivia Stieren

Bra shopping is always so ridiculous. I've been thinking lately that I need to branch out from Victoria's Secret because they seem to fall apart too quickly for the price I pay. Thank you for your suggestions!

Katie McC

I love Aerie bras and their underwear! I am super flat chested (34 AA-A) depending on where I shop. It's so impossible to find a good fitting bra. They are always way to big in the cup area and don't form well to my skin, making bending over like a peek show sometimes- not cute! Or they are so so small that I have side boob and look like a tween trying to fit into a training bra. Victoria's Secret is the worst and always stretch out, but I can wear PINK because the sizes and cups tend to run smaller. I'm willing to pay for a nice quality bra, its just a matter of finding one that fits correctly.

CT Cupcake

town shop right in nyc is amazing, so much better than the things from Victoria's Secret and Gap. It's life changing.

Madeeha Syed

I have the opposite problem! I'm a 28A/AA depending on the time of month, which is more or less unheard of unless I go to the children's dept. But I completely agree, sport bras are my go to bra for all things!


I'm a 30F so I definitely feel you on this! I TOTALLY have pulled the sports bra under a sweater move! The best bra stores in NYC are definitely The Town Shop (which another poster mentioned) and Bra Smyth (also on the UWS). My ultimate favorite bra is the Fantasie Rebecca T-Shirt Bra. Just a great, everyday bra! I think I have it in every color! Once I've found a style I like and don't have to try on I often get bras at because they have great sales!

Chloe Logan

I went from an A to a D in 8th grade. There were rumors that I stuffed and it was super hard. Now, I'm 5'3" and a 32DDD…talk about not finding cute bras! I should try doing a sports bra under sweaters. Never thought of that before, but I definitely see how it could look better!

Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest


I can relate! I'm a 30G, but very petite, and having a larger bust has been a problem for me since high school!
I swear by Linda the Bra Lady in Murray Hill. Admittedly, the bra fitting is a little awkward at first, but the experience is SO worth it in the end. The salon is private and by appointment only, fits you one on one and has a fitter choose styles for you based on what you like in style and fit. Being petite, I dislike that many larger cup bras make my bust sit very wide. I find it unflattering and overwhelming on my frame, so I always ask for bras that make the girls a little more centered. I also prefer neutrals to colors. The fitter then brings you a few styles at a time, based on what you've discussed, editing and altering selections with your input. It's easy and not overwhelming at all and the fit is always perfect. The fittings are free too. I've made visiting friends and even my mom go to Linda's when they visit me in NYC. It's a must try Carly!