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Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is starting to feel a little old-fashioned to me. Anyone else? I’m not super into the whole ~romantic~ elements of it, but I do like the pink and sweets. It’s a fun excuse to spoil yourself or show your girlfriends that you really appreciate their friendship.

I had SO much fun putting this together. You guys know I’ve been on a spending freeze! It’s still fun to browse and it makes putting these collages together extra fun.

Valentine's Day Gifts

Heart Card Case // Heart Signet Ring // Light Pink Bow Mule // Pink Drop Earrings

Heart Socks // Sugarfina Bento Box // Minimergency Kit

Monogrammed Canvas Pouch // Rose Candle // Blush Pom Pom Hat

Striped Scarf // Heart Pajamas // Pink Crossbody

Envelope Card Case // Lip Glosses // Tassel Key Chain // Heart Tote // Ballet Slippers


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I’m interested in learning more about your spending freeze. What aren’t you buying that you were buying before? Where do you draw the line between need and want? Maybe a new post idea? 🙂


I feel the same way about Valentine’s day. Love the chocolate and cute outfits to wear that day but not so much the sap! Those pink mules are adorable! I may just them in every color.


I hear you – I always find Valentines Day is better spent having relaxed quality time with people we love instead of big romantic gestures, but on the flip side I love getting into all the sweets and hearts and decor! And I love the idea of Galantines Day! All these are perfect for that! I really love the pjs! xAllie

Erin Lucy

This is such a great list. I am glad I am also on a spending freeze or else I would be very tempted. I also wish I didn’t already have a pair of blush mules, those are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing!