Vintage Seventeen Magazine Covers

I’ve always had a fascination with vintage magazine covers. I love that they can be timeless in a sense, but very much become a sliver of the era. The fashions, the headlines, the celebrities of the moment. I just can’t get enough. (I even have old Vogue prints in my apartment!) With all of the September issues coming out, I always wonder which covers we’ll look back and cringe about and which ones will be more iconic and classic.
While deep within the black hole that is Pinterest (duh), I stumbled on a handful of old Seventeen covers. Obsessed. Then I found myself in an even deeper black hole looking at old covers and old scans of articles. It’s really funny how some things have (and definitely have not) changed. Seventeen was the first “teen” magazine when it went into publication in 1944.

Anyone else loving the vintage magazine covers?!
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Alexandra Aimee

WHOA! This post is absolutely amazing. I just want to crawl into them… I think the first one is my favorite, but it's a hard select. I would love to see more vintage magazine covers around here in the future.

— Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

Sarah Walsh

I have to admit…I would love to read the article in the last magazine (Twiggy in that amazing pink coat) about The Posh Look, The Pampered Look, The Polished Put-together look. It sounds very glamorous and chic!

Elizabeth Mata

This is beyond cool! Love looking through magazines, photos, cover stories as such. It's like taking a history lesson on fashion and beauty 🙂

Zoe Marie

Those are great covers! I love the ones with Twiggy on them! I think vintage covers are so amazing, they give you a glimpse into the past and what it was like at that time. So awesome.

Mike Kingsley

I love SEVENTEEN and VOGUE covers too and have been loving the magazines since the 60s until SEVENTEEN last issue. I still enjoy VOGUE and all women’s magazines!!

Faith Albert

I personally love the ones that don't outline the issue and just give it a name. It really makes the cover about the photo without distractions.


I love them too! I love finding estate sales with basements full of boxes of old magazines and newspapers. You can find some amazing things!


Those covers are so pretty! It looks like it used to be much more of a fashion magazine rather than a lifestyle magazine, so interesting! I definitely think some of those looks have stood the test of time.



Wow, these are precious relics. They show how fashion from the past is so fundamentally different from what we see today. Great find, thanks for posting!

♡ veena |
twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

michael kingsley

Loved SEVENTEEN since early teenhood!!! I got the last issue and I miss the magazine, It was my girlfriend!!!