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I’m really trying to pare down my warm-weather wardrobe. Every year that goes by I feel like I go for simpler and simpler outfits. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing a lot of navy, tan, light blue, and white pieces with the occasional pop of color. I’m turning 27 at the end of the summer and the things I used to love just don’t feel very age-appropriate anymore. (Even my denim shorts felt questionable while I was in Florida in March!)
While my outfits are getting a little simpler, I think it’s the perfect time to add in a couple of summer-y accessories. Here’s four of my favorite things that I’ve picked up already:
Woven Raffia Boater Hat // Is this not the cutest hat you’ve ever seen? Julia and I both got it last week. It’s simply darling on. It’s a bit wider than what you’d typically expect from a true “boater” hat, but it’s the perfect sunny day choice!
Sailboat Neckerchief // I love a good summer scarf and it seems like everyone’s been rocking their smaller scarves this year. I’m down. My friend Daphne has really inspired me to embrace the scarf– she’s a pro at styling them.
Leather Espadrille Sandals // These just arrived and they are CUTE. They’re a little outside of my typical shoe comfort-zone, but I can’t wait for a warm (and dry!) day to wear them. I’m especially excited to pair them with my newest little white dress.

Basket Tote // Honestly, I have more totes than a girl could ever really need. But I couldn’t resist this French market tote. I just got my summer beach pass in the mail and I am more than ready for daily beach visits all summer long, tote in tow.

What summer accessories are you most excited for?

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