Ladurée Macaron Class

This weekend was pretty crazy, but let’s fast forward back to last week when everything was a lot more fun! I had been invited by the Ladurée’s PR team for an afternoon macaron lesson. I jumped at the opportunity. I love macarons and think they’re pretty fun to make. I’ve taken a few classes and tried them at home a couple of times, but I am always trying to get even better. (Macarons are challenging!) Now that I think of it… I’m taking another macaron class on Saturday, ha.
The Ladurée class had to be pushed back a week, but it ended up being even better timing because Julia was able to come! We’ve been trying to plan a trip to see each other (and for her to meet Hamilton) and this ended up being the best week for everyone.
Audrey (a student at Fairfield who’s been helping me out a few times a week), Julia, and I took the train into the city for a little bit of shopping before the lesson. In case you ever need to have serious shopping envy, hit the town with Julia. It’s way fun to live vicariously through her 😉
The three of us met up with my friend Meghan and got started!
Just a side note, even if you are ever in NYC you have to swing by the Ladurée in Soho for lunch or the very least an afternoon snack. It’s the most gorgeous cafe and the treats are divine. I am definitely scheduling a friend date in the outdoor patio once it warms up and the trees and flowers finally bloom!
One of the best parts of the whole afternoon was the chef’s hats that we wore. Even if you have no clue what you’re doing, you should look the part… right?! Such a fun touch– they definitely got each of us in the spirit of things right away.
Jimmy, our trust pastry chef, walked us through how to make the batter for the raspberry-rose Ispahan. (It’s a giant macaron sandwich with rose buttercream, litchi, and fresh raspberries inside!) After he whipped up the batter, we took our time piping our own macarons. It was so hard to keep a steady hand while making the signature swirled circle. I’m pretty sure I didn’t breathe the whole time. We popped the trays into the oven to bake and proceeded to snack on some macarons. 
I think it’s worth noting that we were practically floating out of the place we had so much sugar.
I hope you caught the assembly on Snapchat last week, but here’s the final product! Picture perfect.
Then we popped our treats into signature Laduée boxes, which (let’s face it) are a good half of the fun of visiting Ladurée. They also made our Ispahan look so much more official than they actually were.
It was such a fun afternoon treat to do with my girlfriends!

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Katya Bychkova

I loooove macarons! However, I had no idea that Ladurée hosts cooking classes. I need to research it ASAP. Lately, I discovered that I am gluten intolerant and macarons are some of the few naturally gluten-free desserts I can eat. Trust me, I'll use this opportunity! Especially if I cook my macarons myself :))