True story…
I am not confident in heels.
I have a really hard time walking in high heels! I try to practice going back and forth in my room, but I just never seem to be all that steady. Back up in DC, walking down the cobblestone sidewalks was a near nightmare! Of course, I do wear high heels (when absolutely necessary), but I’m a complete klutz. It’s practically a miracle that I haven’t broken an ankle yet.
(There are times when I nearly twist my ankle wearing flats… my heels sometimes slips off the shoe and I’m stumbling to maintain my balance.)
Not graceful!
But I do long to get a little bit of height! Recently, I’ve been turning to wedges. They are much easier to walk in than a traditional heel. I also think wedges go with just about every summer outfit. White jeans? Yes. Maxi dresses? Yes. Summer dresses? Yes. They can even (sometimes at least) be worn with shorts.
My current go-to wedges are a pair of Ann Taylor espadrilles that I’ve had for years, the mid-wedge Jack Rogers in platinum, and the Lilly Pulitzer ‘Good as Gold’ wedges.
These provide just a smidge of height. I love wearing them with my Lilly dresses when a regular flat just won’t do!
My mom got these wedges a long time ago and I was always lusting over them. I finally decided to get them for my graduation. Wedges are great for summer parties. Heels make walking on grass impossible… or at least not that much fun. (Does anyone else hate that sinking feeling you get when you’re in heels on grass? Yikes!)
The Lilly McKim wedges also look like a great option. I have a few pairs of the McKim flats, but the wedge totally jazzes it up a bit! Perfect for the beach, right?
Is anyone else not that comfortable in heels? Have you tried opting for a wedge instead?

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Julia D.

I've never really worn wedges, but I just might have to start. They look so cute! I love heels, but I have the same problem as you. Haven't given up hope yet, though!


Wedges are so perfect for work; I wish I had more! There's nothing more terrifying than standing on the Metro in heels while it lurches forward every three seconds. The ones you and your mother own look very comfortable and chic!


I am right there with you! I am such a klutz so heels could be dangerous for me. I've been eyeing those Jack Rogers wedges myself, I am thinking those might be a birthday gift next week.


I love wedges for outdoor events, much easier to walk on grass (plus you don't ruin your shoes)! Unlike you, I'm so comfortable in heels…I wear them on a daily basis and can do anything in heels-walk, run, climb ladders…


I have that same Lilly dress and love it! And I love wedges for summer, too; they always feel more casual yet still cute.