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Another week of outfits here! This felt like the first true normal week since we got back. Between being gone for a month and daylight savings, it didn’t feel like we were in a good routine for a bit. But we’re back in action!! Well, as much as we can be. I swear I’m trying to adjust and readjust to an ever-changing sleep schedule, but that’s the new normal. (Which, funny note about that, I saw someone on TikTok say we should start saying “Normal, Taylor’s Version” instead of “new normal” and I had a good laugh about it.)

LAST WEEK’S WIN: I’m working out again and it feels so, so good. Wow. My legs have been sore every day and I am just in such a better headspace after a good sweat. Plus, it’s a brief, but totally uninterrupted time for me. Sometimes I don’t recognize myself and forget that this is something I enjoy. It certainly hasn’t always been the case!

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: Add in a few small tasks every day. I’ve, unfortunately, fallen in the trap of being overwhelmed by some big tasks ahead of me, instead of looking at them as a series of small tasks. My family is coming up for Thanksgiving next week (!!!) and I have a lot to do to get the house ready. It felt intimidating at first, until I realized I could 100% break the tasks up into smaller chunks and get a few of those done every day. Even if I don’t get through the whole list, I know I’ll have made some good headway during the week!


I spent the day getting ready for a couple of upcoming campaigns, which required a few errands. I also toured a couple of office spaces. Nothing too crazy, but I think once we get a sitter schedule set up, it’ll be nice to have a separate office outside of the house, especially with Mike and me both working from home. Video is a big goal of mine for 2022 and he’s on work calls all day, so I feel like having a separate space would be great (he and I could both us it depending on our schedule/needs).




Loafers (c/o, CARLY20 for 20% off)


I originally put this outfit on just for the morning. I was going on a walk with a friend from the neighborhood… and when I got back home, I just couldn’t muster the energy for real clothes.

Sweatshirt (only $18!)



Only big outing of the day was going to go see a house a friend was looking into buying. I love seeing houses and I quickly volunteered to do the walkthrough with her!

Shirt (only $20)


Ballet flats


Had a good “get my digital life in order” day… aka I tried my best to keep getting on top of my inbox! We also had a few people over for happy hour, which turned into us ordering pizza and making it a whole night.


Similar jeans



Our nieces were supposed to have soccer in the morning and we were going to go watch, but it was canceled! So everyone headed to a local park instead. We went for a walk and then just watched the girls on the playground. Mike and I then had a super low-key afternoon at home as a thunderstorm rolled through. Felt so cozy.


Similar hoodie




So this is what I planned to wear and I did for the morning…. but then the whole day derailed. I was just in a bad mood. It was such an off day, that I finally called it “quits,” and put on a sweatshirt and pajama bottoms. I timed up a nap for myself with one of Jack’s and even closed the blinds and got under a quilt. Felt so good to just mentally check out.

Cardigan (c/o)




I had a fairly boring Monday of getting geared up for the week. I had a lunchtime dentist appointment– I braced myself for lots of cavities because I had heard they’re super common during pregnancy… but I only had one tiny one. As annoying as it is to have any, I was relieved it was just the one.

Sweater (c/o)




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Someone I follow is renting a small apartment as her office space. She said it made more sense financially and it was a bonus to have a kitchen to keep food for lunches. Something work considering!


Love your outfit posts. Your blazer, jean and sneakers outfit is the inspiration I have been looking for to incorporate my blazers into my Covid relaxed office wear.

Jane Hope

Hi Carly,
The Stubbs and Wooten code is not working. Is there a different code? Thank you!