I have a partnership with Madewell for Instagram posts this holiday season and I was so into the outfit I wore for the first round, that I had to share it here too. Everything besides the jeans was gifted and this post isn’t sponsored, but the Instagram is… just for extra disclosure!

I know I sound like a broken record, but getting dressed is one of the moments of the day I dread the most now. This whole year has been a test in feeling comfortable in my own skin. I have better days than others, but I’m really working on it. The great news is that I feel so proud of what my body did this year, so that’s not lost of me. But between being home from the pandemic and then going through a pregnancy and then having a huge lifestyle change now that I have a little baby to care for… I am really like, “Well, what do I feel good in? What the heck is my personal style? What do I want to wear?” It’s a work in progress for sure.

Anyway, nothing I haven’t said before. BUT, I really loved this outfit. Like a lot. I also felt really good in it too, which is the most important part.

(I do want to note that the jeans I originally picked out for the Instagram did not look good with the top. (Often, I’m selecting items that haven’t been released yet via a PDF so I do my best to put together good outfits but sometimes it just doesn’t work out!) I ended up wearing my go-to pair of skinny jeans from Madewell that I’ve had (and loved) for years. Honestly, they don’t exactly fit. I can get them on, but they’re not comfortable. Just don’t want this to look like I fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans because I really don’t.)

This smocked top though is fabulous. Honestly, smocking is my dream right now. It ensures a perfect fit and it’s just so much more comfortable to me. I’d also consider this a nursing-friendly top. It’s easy to pull the top down to nurse or lift up from the bottom. I always use a muslin blanket for privacy, so the key for me is having a top I can maneuver quickly and (preferably) with one hand. This one does the trick.

In addition to the black, it also comes in mauve and a gorgeous gold. 

I swear my closet is slowly morphing from all navy to all black…

Also a side note about this location. I took these on Drew University’s campus and it was a stunning display of autumnal colors. The campus truly lights up from all the foliage.

Top (c/o) // Jeans // Boots (c/o) // Earrings (c/o) // Tote (c/o)


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I know your wardrobe is morphing into all black, but I’m curious if on here the black sells worse, same, or better than navy?


Hmm I’m not sure yet because there’s usually more black available than navy in the winter and I was pregnant all year so wearing the same few items!


What a beautiful top- perfect for maternity or/ new Mum! The boots look comfortable and practical; another excellent post!

Swapna King

I love this whole outfit and top on you. I really want it to be velvet though. How gorgeous would that be. Also noticed your black choices, but you look so witchy good in them! Have you had color theme changes in your life? I definitely have had specific color changes that I can look back on from college too now. Love hour posts, ideas and your little family. Very refreshing to see all the joy because of one little baby boy.