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This was a great week in general, terrible week for outfits! First of all, Nantucket got hit pretty hard by a nor’easter in the middle of the week and it brought chilly, rainy, and extremely windy weather with it. Then we spent a couple of day packing, getting home, and unpacking. Super thrilling stuff! I also am still struggling style-wise and I also don’t want to invest in a ton of new clothes while I try to wait and see what my body will do next (or not do next). Super fun stuff there.

This is usually a time of a year where I’m super excited for new clothes and fall fashion and I’m just not feeling it.


My parents were in town and it was supposed to rain all day. We ended up having okay weather in the morning with it getting progressively worse throughout the afternoon into evening. My mom and I did our own thing (with Jack) while Mike and my dad snuck in a round of golf. And then we basically just hung out while the storm rolled in!




Sadly had to drop my parents off at the ferry, though we were all relieved the ferries were still running. Mike and I had a date night in town at a restaurant I was dying to try.




A travel outfit on a chilly day. It was raining on Nantucket when we left– and we even bumped up to an earlier ferry because we were worried we’d have trouble getting off the island with the car. It ended up being great because we were home at 2pm! This sweatshirt is the best $20 I’ve spent in a long time. I have worn it so much already!!

Sweatshirt (now it’s only $15!)


Ugg boots


We had a picture perfect Halloween!! We went to my sister and brother in law’s neighborhood to trick or treat with the cousins… Jack hung out in the stroller obviously, but I’d like to think that he had fun at least being out and about.




Flats (on sale!)

Similar headband


Spent the day reorganizing my life. Still trying to figure out how to work in the house with a baby… tbd. Mike and I wanted to go out to eat, but then we were too tired at the end of the day. Clearly I like this combo… wore it during the same week already, whoops. (Insert: “Lizzie McGuire you are an outfit repeater” meme.)



Shoes (on sale!)


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I’ve been loving your outfits lately! It took me over a year (maybe even 3?) after I had kids to figure out my “new” style. It’s hard in the first few months – so much of my outfit was dictated by breastfeeding and the constant spit up. It’s great that you are giving yourself time!


About a year ago, I was feeling very uninspired by my clothing. A friend and I did a clothing personality analysis (through House of Colour, but I’m sure there are many options) and it helped me identify why I felt good in certain clothes more than others and what to look for when I went shopping. Your clothing personality does not change with your weight so many friends of mine have done it postpartum to “kick off” their new phase of life and feel good in clothes again. It sounds a little hokey now that I write it out, but I truly loved it!