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WEEK OF OUTFITS 11.30.2021

I am in denial that tomorrow is December. HOW. Remember when school years would stretch on for eternity??? Third grade never seemed to end…. And now? I feel like I blink and entire month has gone by.

LAST WEEK’S WIN: I had such a great time having my parents and sister here for Thanksgiving! There was a lot to do to prep the meal and honestly sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth the work, but it was really quite nice! (Though I think I’m still team #getitcatered…)

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: Not complain about the early sunsets. HA! I swear I’m struggling with the early sunsets more than ever before. By 3:30, I’m ready to get into pajamas. At 5pm, I can’t believe it’s not midnight…. I’ve been complaining about it in my head and out loud to whomever will listen and I just need to, well, not.


I picked my parents up from the airport (this would be trip #1 of 4 to the airport!). We went out to lunch, got some stuff done at the house, went for a walk, and of course spent a lot of time snuggling and reuniting with Jack.

Jacket (c/o)

Similar sweater


Similar flats


Spent the morning relaxing at home and getting a few things fixed. (Best part about having dads here.) And then my mom and I went to go pick up my sister from the airport. It turned into a whole experience. Was totally expecting the day before Thanksgiving would be a zoo, but this was even worse than I could have imagined. Somehow (miraculously) we found my sister and got home in one piece!




Spent the whole day frantically getting things ready for dinner. Mike was in charge of the turkeys, and our brother in law did the sides, and my mom and I made the rolls and desserts. A lot of work, but worth it!





Dropped my sister back off at the airport and then my parents and I went to get ramen. It was freezing and even started to hail. Hot ramen was fully necessary! Our town’s Christmas parade and tree lighting was in the evening and it was absolutely magical!

Dudley Stephens




I sadly drove my parents to the airport. I went home and spent most of the day organizing and cleaning. I did sneak out for a pedicure, but otherwise it was rolled sleeves and deep cleaning.



Ugg boots


Had a lazy day… but we got our Christmas tree!!!

Sweater (c/o)




Spent almost all of the day prepping for the week’s workload. I have to shoot a few things of content, so it was a good “behind the scenes” day.





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Kelly C

I feel you on the time! I was in England last week and the sun set was at 3:45 pm! I’m thankful to be back in the US today knowing I have till 5pm for the sunset.


Put me on team catered as well! Though I compromise with my husband and we make his favorite side and dessert (so everyone wins – ha!)

Like another commenter said, I recently moved to England and these super early sunsets are taking some getting used to 😉


I’ve followed you since I was in high school ( 8 years ago at this point!) and don’t think I’ve ever commented, but for some reason seeing you wearing blundstones in this post made me so happy! They’re a shoe I wear almost every day and have for years, and I suspect my gut reaction was less about the shoe itself and more about the reminder that you, someone who has always been such a role model to me in your NY days & CT & NJ days and now as a new mom and AUTHOR isn’t so different from me. This is just a silly comment to say thank you for putting such warmth and honesty out into the world, and happy holidays!