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It was nice to be snow birds for a few days down in Florida! It actually wasn’t all that warm for most of our trip. (Tuesday was pretty chilly and rainy… I regretted not packing any kind of coat!) But then it was at least sunny with leaves on trees and that made it more than worth it. Wish we could have stayed down there longer!

LAST WEEK’S WIN: Jack got to meet his great grandmother Charlotte (my grandma!). My cousin also just had a baby last week so she’s now a great grandma three times over! Jack totally lit up her right away and it was such a sweet and special moment.

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: Keep my cool?! I have really been struggling to keep it together lately 🤣 Just feel like I have a much shorter fuse. Not sure if it’s the cold, the usual February blahs, hormones, or work stress… maybe a combination of it all? Trying to just let things slide off my back and not bug me so much. (Easier said than done, right??)


Jack and I flew down to Florida early Tuesday morning. After landing, we went right to lunch with my aunt (my mom’s sister!) and my mom’s best friend so they could meet Jack! It was super rainy so we just laid low and didn’t do too much.





My mom and I went to lunch with Stacy (my sister) in the mall and did a tiny bit of window shopping. In the evening, Stace and I went to one of her favorite workout classes! I had really been looking forward to it– so fun and hard! Honestly, still feel a little sore from it.

Sweater (c/o)


Ballet Flats


Thursday was the big “book signing day”! My friend Ashley came into town to meet Jack!! She’s expecting her baby in just a few months… cannot wait for our boys to be friends. Ashley and my mom and sister all helped me get ready for the event and watching Jack while I was out there. We were starving afterward so Stace, Ash, and I went out to dinner and then we convinced Ashley to just spend the night for an impromptu sleepover.



Similar Ballet Flats

PS Here is the dress I wore for the book signing! It is not nursing friendly so I changed into it last minute.


Mike and my dad golfed in the morning. My grandma came by the house to meet Jack and then we all met up for lunch. My parents, Mike, and I all went out for dinner that night. It was so fun to get out and sit outside… won’t be able to do that comfortably at home for a while.



Similar Flats


Mike and my dad golfed again. My mom and I went on a wild goose chase for a sun hat and shirt for Jack because we wanted to go swimming. I don’t know what I was thinking not packing those! We’ve been swimming inside up here so I guess I just never considered the fact that we’d be out in the sun in Florida. Jack had a blast swimming though and it was worth the running around!

Dress (under $30!!)



The three of us flew back early Sunday. We went from sunshine to a winter wonderland. I was a little bummed landing. We also had had plans to go watch the Super Bowl with some people, but someone got sick so we had to cancel. It ended up being a cozy night at home.




I took the dogs to get groomed super early in the morning and threw this on because it was freezing. Had every intention of changing, but simply did not.




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