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Last week was pretty…. normal. I say this in the best possible way. Because we can finally start socializing outside again, it feels like our town has come back to life. I know other states are kind of business as usual, but I feel like New Jersey, or at least where we live, has been fairly serious about pandemic precautions. It made for a tough few winter months as we waited out the weather. But… we’re out of that tunnel! Wooooo!

LAST WEEK’S WIN: A bunch of random little things…. cooking great dinners, getting our garden’s seeds started, completing my 100th Peloton ride, talking on the phone with our not-yet-two-years-old niece (“Can I talk to Carrrrrrly?”), filling our home with spring flowers, dog walks in the SUN, long drives to nowhere with the windows down.

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: Get some spring cleaning checked off my list! I have been checking things off here and there, but really want to buckle down and do a big sweep, so to speak. I want to open every window, really air out the house, and get organized.


usual work from home day | WEEK OF OUTFITS 3.23.21


A usual work from home day. Nothing too crazy– but had some campaigns to shoot and write drafts for.



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green fleece sweater | WEEK OF OUTFITS 3.23.21


Of course had to wear some green for St. Patrick’s Day! An otherwise typical Wednesday for me with working followed by volunteering. My shift went by crazy fast though– I had to check the clock twice before I left because I couldn’t believe it had flown by like it did. I think because of Daylights Savings, it’s now light out when we leave which is just the best feeling.




drawstring neck sweater | WEEK OF OUTFITS 3.23.21


I scheduled a bunch of my calls for the week on Thursday. I don’t usually have many calls (I text with my managers and email for almost everything else), but it was kind of nice to get them all done in one day. Definitely made going into Friday feel great.

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striped longsleeve


Another normal day. The most exciting part of the day was running out to the mall to make a few online returns during a lunch break. I made the mistake of attempting to go over the weekend but when I drove by the parking lot was so full that I just kept right on driving and circled back home.


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gray hoodie | WEEK OF OUTFITS 3.23.21


We had a GREAT Saturday. Two of Mike’s sisters came over to watch basketball and eat. We had the doors open for the warm weather and went for a nice long walk throughout the neighborhood and came back to eat some more.

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patagonia jacket


This was the unofficial start day of my spring cleaning. Still plenty of stuff to tackle, but felt good to get a head start. I also (finally) got our seeds started for our summer garden and the dogs and I went for an extra long walk outside. It was such a relaxing day/weekend that I didn’t want it to end!

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v-neck sweater and white jeans


And back to the usual Monday work. Had absolutely nowhere to go and nothing to do besides sit on my laptop all day… but felt like putting on a cute outfit!


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Flats (c/o)


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Katie Misencik

Ah… spring cleaning! I need to do it and I cannot motivate myself. Can you do a post on how you are tackling?


Have you decided which room will be the nursery? Would love to see your plans?

Are you and Mike both vaccinated? My state has different eligibility so not socializing much until all friends are vaccinated…


I live in your area (South Orange) so I assume you’re talking about the Short Hills Mall. I haven’t been there at all during the pandemic. What’s it like to be in the mall now? Did you just run your errand and leave or did you browse a bit?


Avoid the weekends and don’t go right when the mall opens. *Everyone* goes at 11 when it opens to “beat the crowd” so you end up with a bigger crowd, ha. If you go after lunch, like around 1pm during the week, it’s usually not that busy at all and everyone spaces out/complies with mask rules, etc.


i’m jealous you live in a state that takes the pandemic seriously. living in a state where the government has apparently decided it’s over and has eliminated a mask mandate, honestly, makes me feel more of a need to stay home