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Another week of outfits! Every week that goes by, I feel like we’re settling more and more into a sense of “new normalcy” and it’s been a nice change of pace.

LAST WEEK’S WIN: I got a MASSAGE for the first time in over a year. I used to go all the time and really missed it during the pandemic. (Definitely a champagne problem!) Since I’m over the two week mark from my second vaccine dose, I felt comfortable resuming massages. I wasn’t sure what the experience would be like since I’ve never had a prenatal massage– no surprise though: I loved it!!!! I walked out of there like a new woman!

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: Move every day. I absolutely feel better physically and mentally when I get in good movement throughout the day. I have been doing the Peloton a couple of times a week, taking the dogs on power walks, some prenatal yoga classes at home, and barre classes at my gym (I rejoined!!!!). Sometimes I fall into the trap of thinking that a workout needs to be some super sweaty event every time– but mixing in healthy, low impact movement is also important. And my joints thank me!




I’ve been getting hit with more anxiety than lately, all kind of unrelated to anything (probably just hormonal), but it’s been a bit of a challenge to deal with. On Tuesday, I had a great productive morning and then the wheels started falling off so I took myself to a cafe to work for a little bit and then camped out in our backyard under a blanket to get more work done. Then Mike and I drove into Hoboken to have dinner outside with his sister– it was a beautiful evening!

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Sneakers (c/o)

work from home outfit | WEEK OF OUTFITS 4.13.21


Normal work from home day, but mixed things up by going to another favorite cafe to work. (Can you tell I missed working outside of the home?! Love that it’s warm enough to sit outside with my laptop.) And then bopped over to my volunteer shift. Mike and I were going to go out for dinner but decided to just order pizza and stay home… it was nice!



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longsleeve casual dress


I spent all day in front of my computer and working on various campaigns and projects. Mike and I broke away for dinner and sat outside. I swear our town is sighing a collective sigh of relief. The energy of people enjoying eating outdoors is contagious. I really do hope that we keep these outdoor spaces open even as things return to more normalcy. It’s SUCH a treat to have sidewalks extended and roads blocked off for outdoor dining.

Dress (non-maternity and under $25, I sized up one size for the bump)


what to wear OB appointment | WEEK OF OUTFITS 4.13.21FRIDAY

Started off the morning with an OB appointment. I love getting to hear the baby’s heart. I ended up not feeling 100% great on Friday from allergies (it’s hitting me so bad this year) so other than the trip out to the doctor, I kept things super low key and worked from the couch all day.



Shoes (c/o)

cardigan for lounging


Saturday was such a perfect, needed relaxing day. I met up with my friend and her daughter for bagels first thing in the morning. And then I had the glorious massage. No joke, I was on cloud nine for the rest of the day, it was almost hard to function. I came home, did some cleaning and organizing and went to bed nice and early.

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cozy sunday outfit


We had a cozy Sunday at home. It rained all day, which was actually nice. I usually hate rainy days, especially on the weekend! But I swear the day of rain made a bunch of trees pop their leaves a bit early! Felt so springy. I did have to work for a few hours in the afternoon and then I had a rough evening of anxiety… so I turned in early.




patagonia fleece jacket


Despite my rough look, I had a productive Monday. Took a barre class at the gym, got a ton of work done, and had a great phone call meeting that put some pep in my step. A great way to kick off the week for sure.





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Carly, your bump is just the cutest and I am so happy to see it grow over the weeks, so thank you for sharing! My vaccination jealousy is real though, here in Germany, things are moving along really slow and the normalcy you talk of seems so far away… please enjoy all the coffee shops and outside dinners for me too 🙂


I have started getting massages again, too, especially because I get tension headaches and easing that shoulder/neck tension helps AND OMG they have been the best massages ever. I don’t know if it’s that I haven’t had them in a while? Extra tension from more time sitting/the past year? Touch after a severe lack thereof? Or they’re just that amazing, but holy shit they’ve felt good.


Which size shoe do you typically wear, and which size did you get for the Freedom Moses? Do you feel they are true to size? Im usually an 8, so I can either order the 37-38 or the 38-39.
Thank you!


I suffer from depression and anxiety as well. I have a lecture to recommend. I listened to the whole thing (it’s REALLY LONG!) but I listened to it over a few days while I was getting ready in the mornings. Just a good reminder about how to take care of ourselves and I think you’d find a few things that could help that are not medicine/prescription related. I’m not opposed to using medication, but I think the “extra” non-medical things are awesome to incorporate. Here’s the link:
I’ll keep you in my thoughts…. I know firsthand how hard anxiety and depression can be.