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This is going to be a bit of a hodge podge of days. I thought I was going to do the post as usual last week, but I ended up deciding to keep my laptop totally tucked away. Didn’t touch it while we were away at all. I’m going to just share the outfit links without even bothering to say what we were up to. Because for the last couple of weeks, our days have looked largely the same. Lots of time at the pond and then a week with Mike’s family at their lake house upstate.

LAST WEEK’S WIN: It was nice to get away. I will say the trip wasn’t exactly easy, but there was lots of fun in between the sleepless nights 🤪

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: I feel like I always talk about organizing as my goal for the week, but (surprise!) I want to do a big organization sweep. It’s actually more of a need, especially in Jack’s room. He’s outgrown clothes and toys and bits and bobs. I just want to feel a little more in control, you know!!

Patchwork Dress


Some Hill House Nap Dress news! The Blue Botanical dress is back in stock! And they’re bringing back the emerald gingham this month. I’ll keep you posted on when it launches, but I know it’s the most anticipated drop I think ever. I got one two years ago and it’s hands down my most worn nap dress but I try to avoid wearing it on social media because I get so many questions about it 🤣 Anyway, I’m thrilled they’re bringing it back!!!

Speaking of outfit repeaters. I basically lived in Alice Walk tops (a new obsession) and cut off shorts. I don’t know what took me so long to get on the Alice Walk bandwagon. They’re worth every penny. 100% recommend. Can’t wait to get a sweater or two for fall!! Above is the long-sleeve shirt and below is the sweatshirt.

Also I’ve been living in this linen cover up. It looks so much more luxe than it actually is and washes brilliantly.

Minnow Swim x Tuckernuck bathing suit (c/o)

White cover up


Similar jeans



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Swapna King

I love that patchwork on you. I kept eyeing it and the blouse. I love anything madras/patchwork style. I got the blue botanical!! So excited when I saw the email message…snagged it quickly! Cannot wait for the release of the green gingham! I have been coveting yours now for over a year! That blue and white striped Alice walk is calling my name. On the waitlist for my size. Always inspired by your looks. I need to grab that red polish.