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Another week, another week where not much fits. I’m doing something I try to avoid because it never ends well, but to the one person who keeps messaging and commenting that I should just wear maternity clothes…. trust me when I say, the bump has gotten so big that even the maternity clothes I purchased no longer fit. Technically I could wear my maternity jeans but it’s been 100 degrees and all of my shirts (yes, even the maternity ones) no longer come down long enough. 😅 It’s almost comical to see how little fits anymore.

So what is this post? Why am I even posting it? I almost just scrapped it altogether, but here’s the thing… this is just my current reality. I’m wearing what works (the same workout clothes + all the smocked dresses).

LAST WEEK’S WIN: I had no idea how much I needed the haircut… not that my hair needed it, but there’s just something therapeutic about getting a little chop, right? I walked out of that salon feeling amazing!!

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: Walk, walk, walk!!!! Trying to get alllll the steps in.


Kind of a normal day around here. I did go out to lunch alone with a book because I can and I’m trying to squeeze in as many “carefree” things as possible…. and then Mike and I went to the pond together for a pre-dinner dip later in the day.

Similar dress (I really hope Hill House brings back this green gingham– I think it was their best print ever!)


Wednesday I went out to get the carseat inspected, got an adjustment at the chiropractor, and then came back to work for a bit. I actually started to panic that I was going into labor for some of the day, but obviously that wasn’t the case. Two of Mike’s sisters spent the night on Wednesday– we stayed up WAY too late. (The latest I think I’ve stayed up all year!) I paid the price on Thursday– but thankfully had a low-key day at home on my computer working and I wore the same workout clothes variation.




I started the day with a pre-work hair cut. I took their first available appointment and it was actually so nice to start the day with a fresh hair wash (the ultimate luxury to have someone else wash your hair!) and a cut! Felt so good all day!

Dress (it’s coming back this Friday!!!)



I had a lovely low-key Saturday. Mike golfed, so I spent the day organizing our basement a little bit and doing a few projects with my embroidery machine. We had a friend over for a barbecue in our backyard and that was pretty much the whole day!



I met up with Sasha and Christy who were in the area. I hired Sasha earlier this year to help with a few things related to my blog, but this was the first time meeting in person! I had plans to be outside for the rest of the day, but the weather had other ideas! It rained on and off so I grocery shopped and spent the afternoon preparing a fun dinner for a date night at home.


Similar Headband


A boring Monday! I have really, really shifted down a few gears for work in preparation for labor and recovery (and so I can have uninterrupted time with baby). Feels weird– especially since he could come any day or weeks from now, who knows– but trying to just enjoy the time and be okay to just be okay. I had a doctor’s appointment and hoped to have more news about when I could anticipate labor, but he seems extra comfy in there 😉



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I’ve been following for a while but never really posted but you do whatever you need to. Where the same
Clothes seven days a week if you want girl! Good luck and good health to you and your growing family!


Thanks so much for continuing to share! I hope these last few weeks go quickly for you!


You look absolutely lovely! Never, in any of my 3 pregnancies, did I look so adorable and stylish after month 7!! Wishing you the very best these last few days/weeks – they are the longest!!


I’m sorry that people are trying to tell you what you “need” to wear. You have wonderful clothes and they look great on you. Glad you are sharing!

Marie M. C.

You look soooo pretty in the smocked style dresses. I love seeing you in colors. Get so tired of the grey/black look. You’re lucky — I guess — to have your late pregnancy during the summer months when you can wear the dresses! When is your due date?


Best part of summer babies is not needing maternity clothes! Plus, sized up dresses work postpartum too!


Hi Carly!
I couldn’t agree more – I want Hill House to bring back the green gingham! It is my favorite print they’ve done and I’m SO bummed I missed out on it. I am constantly searching resale sites to see if anyone is selling but no luck (I wouldn’t want to sell one either!). It would be an instant purchase for me but, for now I’ll foolishly hem and haw over the other green patterns.


I think I just posted this but now can’t find it- sorry! Can you share the earring source for the last picture, the pearls with the diamond hanging? I would love to get a pair for an upcoming wedding. Thank you!!