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Oh, a special edition “Week of Outfits” post! These posts have are one of the most popular ones I post every week (“On My Radar” always takes the cake!) and it makes me so happy. It started as a way to force me to get dressed every day during a time in my life where I was just feeling “blah.” Sure there’d be one or two outfits every month or so that felt AMAZING, but I was in a rut. And it’s hard to go on Instagram and not see, like, normal outfits. Anyway, this is what I wore for a weeklong vacation.

(I will say, I did more shopping than usual. I try not to be the kind of person who feels like I need a new outfit for every day of a vacation, but since I’m nursing and don’t fit into most of my summer clothes postpartum, it felt like a good excuse to jumpstart my summer wardrobe.)

LAST WEEK’S WIN: We had a GREAT vacation. I can’t wait to share more about our trip tomorrow.

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: Keeping it vacation themed, I want to edit a fun little video from the clips I filmed. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t record more (it’s so hard to balance being in the moment but also capturing memories!), so I hope the video comes out cute. 🤞🏻

(Also Jack was teething ~big time~ so that’s why I’m holding him in every photo….. Didn’t want to be put down at all!)

Keeping this post pretty simple. For shoes, I only wore Jack Rogers white sandals and white Freedom Moses sandals. And I brought a handbag, but only ended up carrying a big French market bag (this one is similar) I’ve had for years since I had so much baby stuff at all times. And my hat is from Peter Beaton– my favorite hat of all time (pretty sure that’s it).

Two dresses I slipped into frequently. The above is from J. Crew Factory and it is a summer WIN. It’s a cover up, but I wore it more as a casual “house dress.” It was so hot most days, that I’d just slip it on sans bra and go for it. I also wore the Abercrombie exercise dress most mornings before we went to the beach or to go pick up lunch or run an errand or two.

I got this linen cover up last year and it remains a go-to for me. LOVE the length and weight of it. The pink suit is from J. Crew last year, so no longer available.

I bought this Amazon coverup, hoping for the best. It’s AMAZING. Such a deal and absolutely gorgeous in person. There’s a bit of a slit on the side, so it really has a great coverup shape. My bathing suit is a Minnow Swim x Petite Plume collab, but sold out.

This little bikini is from Hill House Swim– currently sold out but I did a whole review of it yesterday because they said they’re working on a restock!

How cute is this little puff sleeve dress. I rarely go for short dresses nowadays but I couldn’t resist this one. Love the smocking, the punchy print, and the puff sleeves!

Minnow Swim gifted us this mama smocked one piece and matching boy board shorts. I am obsessed with these linen pants– you need them.

I was so excited to pack this dress! Couldn’t resist packing a little pink for Harbour Island’s pink sand!

This is also a very comfortable dress– easy to throw on when it’s hot and humid. The sleeves are longer and still have a bit of a puff for a fun shape.


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I have that J. Crew dress in the blue patterns and wear it weekly!! It’s the best!!!


Great week of outfits, and it sounds like you had a wonderful time!

In the photo of you in the pink and red dress with the ocean background, what lipstick are you wearing (if any)? It looks like the perfect shade!


I love the weekly outfit round ups! It always helps me get inspiration from pieces I already have in my closet! I love the blue and white coverup/summer dress and just ordered! I can’t wait to read the recap from your trip!


Love these posts! Your link for the linen pants links to the minnow boys blue gingham shorts. What is the link for linen pants? Thanks!


Carly, I have to admit that I promptly went onto the J.Crew Factory website after seeing your post and ordered the blue print cover-up to try… it does look like a great house dress for hot and humid summer weather. Enjoyed seeing your Bahamas outfits and reading about your trip; a much-needed light and happy break from the sad news this week. Thank you for sharing –