I was SO excited that my Hill House swim order arrived just in time for our trip to the Bahamas. (Full trip review coming up soon…) When I saw that Hill House, the creator of my beloved Nap Dresses, was coming out with a swim line, I was thrilled and when the previews came out, I knew I needed to try the swim skirt. I was online right when it launched as was lucky enough to get the two pieces I wanted!

A lot of the line is already sold outbut I wanted to do an official review because I’m pretty sure Hill House mentioned a restock 🤞🏻 While I did a quick review of the bathing suit on my Instagram Story, I now have actually worn it and have some additional thoughts.

THE DETAILS: Isla Swim Top (still available in a size medium) + The Pool Skirt

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Overall, this is a gorgeous bathing suit. It’s definitely a vibe and I think it fits for specific circumstances. Normally I lean towards more practical bathing suits, but I have to admit it’s fun to have a fun suit. Especially for the Bahamas, this was a 10/10. I wore it as an actual little outfit and skipped a coverup all together. The quality is also really nice– I love the fabric. It’s closer to a neoprene feeling than a flexible lycra, so it holds its shape beautifully. Again, making it feel more like an outfit for the beach or pool!

SIZING + FIT: It’s hard to say exactly how the fit will be for everyone, I can just share my own experience. I tried both the small and medium top, kept the medium and returned the small. And got the skirt in a size small. The top fit pretty similarly to sports bra sizing and I have a similar bikini top shape from J. Crew, which I also wear a medium in. I almost always wear a small in yoga pants and the small skirt fit similarly. In my IG Story, if you happened to catch it, I mentioned that the built-in bottoms on the skirt felt “cheeky.” Mike thought I was insane and assured me that it was no more cheeky than other bathing suits I wore and I couldn’t believe it… I kept saying, “Then why does it feel so cheeky.” When I got back to the house, I compared it to a few other bathing suits I brought and realized why it felt cheeky, even if there was more tush coverage. The width of the crotch (sorry I have no better way to describe this, forgive me) is about two thirds the width of other bathing suits crotches… so it felt cheekier than it actually was. Everything was covered, but I did feel more secure knowing I was wearing a skirt. I would probably feel comfortable wearing a bottom without the skirt on a trip where I was lounging and less comfortable chasing around a baby or doing flips off a diving board. Hopefully that’s helpful.

HOW DOES IT HOLD UP IN THE WATER: I got a ton of questions about how it was in the water. I went into both the ocean and the pool, for testing purposes of course 😉 The skirt does float up a bit, but I actually didn’t think about it once. I didn’t find it bothersome and it wasn’t, like, a drowning hazard or anything. I was more concerned about what would happen with the flutter sleeves, but they held their shape when wet because they’re a bit stiffer! Also, because the bathing suit is lined (with a darling pink fabric), I felt very secure in the water.

HOW DOES IT WASH: I just washed the bathing suit and then hung it dry. I swear, whatever material they used (econyl® fabric according to their website), it feels like magic. I laid both pieces to dry flat and they look perfect. Zero pilling, kept its shape, no fading. They do recommend you wash less frequently to extend the life of the fabric– but I was very sweaty from the humidity and went into the ocean and pool so I needed to wash it no question.

The skirt is just so good! It’s even better than I was expecting. A great length and is a bit longer in the back than the front… without being too short or too long overall. I LOVE the tiers. It almost feels like a flirty tennis skirts and it bounces adorably. Because it’s so cute, it makes me want to see Hill House get into activewear even more. (They’ve hinted at it being a possibility in the future 🤞🏻.)



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What a FUN suit! The skirt and top combo is so retro, and I love it. Thanks for sharing 🙂


Great review! Really loved that you included detail about the fit with lots of specifics including comparing sizes to other types of clothing you wear and how the bottoms fit. These kinds of details are so important!


I’ve been obsessed with this look Carly! I know you’ve mentioned struggling with postpartum style, but I think you’ve transitioned into cool mom vibes effortlessly.


patiently, impatiently waiting for the restock now, ahah! Might have to order the top now!! Also your bahamas content was SO good! 🙂