We’ve been having such a great time down in Harbour Island. I will be doing a whole post dedicated to this magical place– now that we’ve been here, we “get” why everyone who visits considers it a magical place. It’s going to be a real struggle to get on a plane and leave!! Would love to return again soon, especially with friends and maybe without kids 😉

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // How to Navigate the Baby Formula Shortage

It’s so hard to believe this is an actual issue right now, but it is and it’s so scary. If you’re a parent struggling to find formula for your baby, this is a helpful comprehensive guide for navigating it. Ugh.

TWO // Printed Block Heel Sandal

These are super cute shoes under $60! Obviously I love the navy, but I think the tan is such a great neutral for summer! I typically go for flats or wedges for height during the summer… but the block heel could totally work.

THREE // Striped Packing Cubes

I recently purchased a set of packing cubes and now I’m kicking myself for not waiting for these super cute ones from Mark & Graham. I will say, I resisted packing cubes forever, but they absolutely make a difference for traveling. Especially now I’m packing Jack’s clothing, too, it’s so nice being able to keep things extra organized. And the real key: being able to pack more.

FOUR // The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Being a Social Media Creator

As a social media creator, I thought this was a great podcast interview with Alisha and TK. Even if you’re just interested in influencing as an industry, I think you’d find the episode interesting. They share a lot of behind the scenes and the ups and downs of influencing.

FIVE // Wrap One-Piece Bathing Suit

Elsa sent me this bathing suit knowing it was right up my alley and she is right. I love the color. I love the silhouette. I love the bow. I love the price. It also goes up to a size 6XL. I haven’t personally tried this brand, but now I’m super tempted.

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It is nice to see that since your marriage, you have transitioned into a more middling-year/matronly style. Your Tampa/New Jersey look is so unique & refreshing in the blogging world.


Kay, we have a group chat with your comments that I send around every morning. We can’t thank you enough for the daily laughs!! In times like these, it’s the little things.


totally agree KC – Carly’s looks sure are unique. she’s the only blogger I read who literally anti-influences me! as Carly said, in times like these, her little diary-blog provides endless entertainment. here’s to hoping I make the “group chat”!


So strange that you would go out of your way to insult someone that is a new mother. Maybe you should take a look in the mirror and think about why with all the pain and hurt in the world you feel the need to hurt someone you don’t personally know. You must have so much anger and sadness in your life.


KC and Jen, if you hate her style so much, why do you follow her and take the time to leave nasty comments? Get a life!


Some of these commenters will be 80 years old and still hen-pecking you. Their
jealousy is so obvious that I am actually embarrassed for them.

Zelda R

Your hair looks SO PRETTY with its natural curls! Inspiring me to embrace mine this summer as well


Can’t wait to see a full recap of the trip! It looks GORGEOUS! I’d love to see what you did and what you wore! I was the same with packing cubes, but once finally caved I was obsessed with them. Love this post, Carly.


What is WRONG with people?! Jeez. Hope you have an amazing last couple of days in Harbour Island and a smooth trip back. I love those sandals you posted, it’s very much nearly winter down here in NZ and yet I’m still thinking about buying them for next summer!


Packing cubes are such a lifesaver! Like you, I didn’t know why I would need one but oh boy, I needed them! I will have to listen to that podcast. Influencing is definitely no walk in the park. I love it when people are open about their experiences as it is always a good learning resource/tool. Plus, it’s nice not to feel you aren’t alone, you know?

Maureen |