Weekend in the City

Without even planning it, this weekend felt like a serious staycation! Despite the miserable weather (so much snow), it was filled with touristy things and I kind of fell in love all over again with the city. Trust me when I say that I have been kind of over everything NYC the past few weeks. I’ve been fighting off a cold/cough, the sidewalks are obstacle courses of ice and snow banks, and it’s really just been difficult to keep high spirits.
And then, just when I was feeling the lowest, we had a great couple of days of just fun! Gosh, I swear that’s the thing about NYC… you love it and you hate it, but just when you’re really over it… you fall in love again.
Saturday morning was spent in the Lilly Pulitzer on Madison Avenue. We hid away from the snow in the bright and cheery store… like being right in the middle of Palm Beach in the summer. I’m hosting an event there (save the date, more details later!) on the 27th, so Alyssa and I filmed a little video. Oh, I’m in love with the store and the new collections. (Pictured above from L to R: Delia Shift, Janice Shift, Jepson Shift, Charlton Sheath, and Elsa top)
I got some of my usual weekend things done, but then I was in dire need of a nap. I was cranky. So I got under the covers (this was a serious nap), turned the lights off, closed the curtains, and catnapped for fifteen minutes. Then decided to simply restart the day with the weekend newspaper and a bowl of cereal. Naps and cereal at 2 in the afternoon can make all the world of difference.
My friend Aodhan (Fordham Prepster if you’ve been reading TCP since the beginning!) works at NBC. Our friend Matt (California Funk, again if you’ve been reading for a while!) was in town with his girlfriend (they’re in law school at Penn right now). We all met at Rockefeller for a tour. I’ve had meetings there before, but it was really fun to go with friends for a tour. It was snowing really hard when we were there, but the views were still amazing! Plus, it’s always fun to see behind the scenes of what your friends do for a living. Pretty glamorous! (And it was just fun to be back with college friends!)

What would a staycation in the city be without shopping and brunch? Mackenzie and I started in Kate Spade on the Upper East Side and did some serious damage. Whoops! I even picked up a pair of sunglasses that I’ve been lusting over... Perfect for my upcoming trip!

And then Amy, Mackenzie, and I fulfilled something we’ve been dying to do…. visit the new Ladurée store in Soho! There’s a restaurant attached and… wow…. it’s amazing! Exactly as perfect as we hoped it would be. (See another picture on my Instagram… I was in macaron-heaven.) Then we just wandered around Soho for a while. Typically not my favorite place on the weekend because it’s always super crowded, but it was still fun!! I even bought my first pair of Madewell jeans!

And… no staycation would be complete without as many puppy snuggles as you can get in. Teddy has been the most needy (in the most perfect way) and the schnuggles make me so so so happy. We’ve both been braving the early morning cold to squeeze in walks too. The picture above… basically what you get from me if you’re friends with me on Snapchat, hehe!
Have you ever taken an unexpected staycation?

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Vina Smith

Your Ladurée brunch looks fabulous! I've only been to the Ladurée on Champs-Elysée in Paris, I can't wait to check out the one in Soho next time I'm in NYC 🙂


This look like so much fun (despite the weather, ack)! And I'm loving those sunglasses. The perfect alternative to the Tom Ford Nikitas.

Seersucker Sass

Those glasses are going to look great on you! I took a mini-staycation the middle of this week when we were given time off because of snow. Sometimes its just the break that you need 🙂

XX, SS ||

Charlotte E

I envy this so much! sounds like you had a blast. Laudree just sounds so scrumptious and elegant! xx

Charlotte from


Seriously, you make me love NYC so much more than I already do. I think I don't appreciate the city I grew up in, and when I see people like yourself who are new to the big city fall in love with it, I can't help but fall in love again too! Can't wait to move back after graduation!

Pink Champagne Problems

Bemnet Tesfaye

Hi Carly! My name is Bemnet, and I'm in high school. You're someone that I look up to, it would be awesome if you added me on snapchat! My username is bemclicknet 🙂