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I don’t know what it is about this week, but I’ve been scrambling to find outfits. Yes, there are the things I wear on a daily basis (my favorite jeans and cable knit sweaters currently)… but I have trips coming up and little events and some meetings and I just needed a tiny bit of a closet refresh. I’ve mostly been stocking up on classic basics that integrate perfectly with what I already have!
Luckily, there are some killer sales going on right now for Columbus Day weekend. I tried shopping downtown yesterday, but the stores were so crowded. The lines for fitting rooms and checking out insanely long and clothes were scrambled everywhere. Not to mention, NYC spaces are small and there was hardly room to move comfortably. We abandoned the stores, grabbed coffee and walked home where I did 100% of my shopping online. From bed. So much better.

Including Bean Boots!!! They also have a great fishermen sweater that is worth checking out!

Lands’ End| Everything is 20% off with “cool” + PIN at checkout.

Okay, so they have these amazing blackwatch (and other plaids) scarves. PERFECT gift… because they can also be monogrammed. With the promo, they come out to be under $30, so you really can’t say no! And they also have some other great pieces, like this plaid vest and these vests which you can monogram as well.

I’ve been waiting for a good 30% off sale from J. Crew! I bit the bullet and got a pair of the black Dannie pants, this crepe drop-waist dress, and this bib popover. The Dannie pants were a steal; they come out at under $50.

Piperlime has really been killing it! They have a great mix of high and low pieces, so you can find both great deals and also investment buys. Loving this windowpane sweater, this navy faux leather skirt, this everyday knit dress, and this perfect holiday-ready dress.

J. CREW FACTORY | 50% off some women’s styles

Oy. I always end up buying things I don’t need, but can’t resist from J. Crew Factory… especially when there’s a sale. They have tons of great sweaters right now, but I ended up getting the black Keaton Boy Blazer and this amazing windowpane dress

Happy shopping everyone! Let me know what you get!

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Prep Essentials

Thank you so much for telling us about the bean boot sale! I just bought mine and they'll be here in three weeks! I was in love with the J.Crew sale all weekend – any holiday is a great excuse for a sale!