weekend wear

Um… Fashion Week is totally killing me. It’s amazing and extremely fun… but oh so exhausting.
Excuse me while I get some work done in the comfort of my apartment in the most comfortable thing I can muster up the energy to wear:
Leggings (don’t judge…)
What are your Sunday afternoon plans?

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I sometimes secretly wish: if I ever leave home again, and I am pretty sure it will happen soon, make my roomy be just like Carly. Organized and energized.


(Not judging) Great confortable look


Have a great week.

Julia D.

Still looks cute and put together! That was my day yesterday, today was a lot of running around. Tons of work at the beginning of the semester!


Fashion Week!
Ahhh I'm so jealous of anyone who is there right now!
I'm interested in seeing what you're doing for NYFW. Pictures please?? 🙂

As for this outfit, I'm definitely not judging.
Chambray shirts are like one of the holiest shirts ever. Nothing beats them. Seriously. They go with everything and can be dressed up or dressed down!
As for the leggings, um who said that they aren't pants? I always thought they were…. 🙂

Heehee 🙂
Enjoy your relaxation for as long as it lasts Carly!
I hope you enjoyed your weekend and got enough rest to carry you through!