We’ve had a busy start to the summer! Nothing makes you appreciate “boring” like some real craziness. Last month I stocked up on some summer clothing basics for Jack and a few things for all the time we’re spending outside.

Kid’s Navy Sneakers // These velcro sneakers are our go-to when playing at the park, and I love how easy they are to slip on and off.

Kid’s White Sneakers // Another pair of velcro sneakers we love!

Kid’s Cotton White T-Shirts // Jack is constantly growing and outgrowing clothing. And it really does seem to happen overnight. We keep a pretty tight “uniform” for his everyday outfits. That alone makes life a lot easier. I love this 5-pack of cotton white t-shirts under $30. They’re a summer staple, and I like having a few extras since Jack wears them so much.

Kid’s Jogger Shorts // If you’re curious, these are the shorts that we send in as backup at daycare!

Waterproof Phone Pouch // We’re going as often as possible to the pond this summer and it is THE DREAM. I love having this waterproof phone pouch for peace of mind, especially when running around with a toddler.

Kid’s Bento Lunch Box // These Bento lunch boxes are perfect for packing Jack’s lunches and snacks when we’re out and about.

Liquid I.V. // I am trying to pay attention to my body even more after I had a bad episode of POTS a couple of weeks ago. I saw another specialist, and disappointingly, there’s still not much I can do. I’m just riding out this flare up and focusing on having lots of salt and water. These Liquid I.V. sticks have been great to take with me on the go and add to my water throughout the day.

Sunglasses // A fun set of sunglasses for summer under $20!

Water Table Pump // We’ve been hanging in our backyard a lot recently, and the water table continues to be a HIT. I ordered a water table pump which really took it to the next level – Jack is obsessed! It’s super easy to assemble and clips and brings the table to life. I’m telling you, this has provided us with hours of fun!

Kid’s Life Jacket // This is our favorite life jacket for Jack, and my second time repurchasing it since he outgrew his one from last year! 


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