Here’s what I bought on Amazon in September according to my order history! Some things to get in the fall spirit, a few pieces of clothing for me, and fun things for Jack.

Nest Pumpkin Chai Candle // Nest’s holiday candles are the best!! I think they’re worth it because they burn so well and smell absolutely *perfect* and don’t have an “artificial” scent like others. Their pumpkin chai candle is favorite if you want to get in the cozy fall spirit.

Ultrasonic Retainer Cleaning Machine // Has anyone else been seeing ads for these ultrasonic retainer cleaning machines? I finally caved and got one to try out!

Tennis Dress // I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this dress when it arrived! The quality is great and it looks even cuter on.

Slim Fit Tanks // These tanks have been a go-to for me throughout this pregnancy. I wear one most days under my tops and cardigan and have allowed me to wear some of my favorite fall pieces a little longer into the season.

Halloween Bat Decorations // I’ve never been a big halloween decor person, but something came over me this year and I’ve been having so much fun decorating our home. These little bat stickers are a fun nod to halloween without going overboard.

Long Sleeve Yoga Shirt // These under $30 long sleeve yoga shirts are so good! I have it in a few colors now and love wearing them for pickleball, walks, or just a cozy day at home.

Children’s Hunter Boots // The weather has felt like a total wash with non-stop rain, so I couldn’t resist getting Jack a little pair of Hunter rain boots. For a kid that loves being outside as much as Jack, you can bet the rain never stops us from heading to the park or playing in the driveway.

Boy’s 2-Pack T-Shirts // I don’t think you can ever have too many t-shirts for a toddler. We love this brand’s basic t-shirts for Jack and have continued reordering them as he grows.

Glitter and Pearl Crayons // If you saw the “An open letter to Crayola” TikTok I shared on my Instagram last month, you’ll know it sent me down a rabbit hole and may have even inspired me to order some more crayons for Jack and his cousins!

The Day Crayons Quit Book // This children’s book is such a clever and creative story that puts a different spin on crayons and coloring. Jack and I loved reading this together!


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Hi Carly! You are my go-to for toddler clothes/toys recommendations! I would love your recommendations on what outerwear you like for Jack during the winter months (hats, jackets, mittens, boots…everything!) You always find the best classic and quality pieces for little ones!


Hi, Carly! Is it too niche for you to report back on the retainer cleaner?! I’d love to hear if it works.


I was BLOWN AWAY by how well it worked!!!! I ran a couple of cycles for the first time and I can’t believe how great my retainers look again….