What I Read This Summer

I read some amazing books this summer. I love to read year round, but there is something extra great about sitting down with a book during a slow summer day. (Probably only second best to a snow day spent reading.) In today’s post, I’m going to share books I read, what I’m currently reading, and a few books in my “to-read” pile.

What I Read This Summer


You Me Everything // This is a great “beach read.” If you’re looking for a nice story that moves quickly, you’ll love this. The book is about a single mom who spends the summer in the French countryside at her son’s father’s resort. It’s a story of love and family.

Beautiful Day // I listened to this audiobook by Elin Hilderbrand. I usually love Elin’s books, but this one wasn’t my favorite. I can’t even pinpoint what it was about it, but I remember just wishing it would move along a little faster. The book is about a summer wedding with every detail planned by the bride’s late mother who left behind a notebook filled with instructions.

Florida // Lauren Groff is one of my favorite authors. She has such a gift for words. This book is actually a collection of short stories all based in Florida or related to Florida in some way. Each story has an overarching theme about motherhood. I absolutely loved most of the stories, although some were not as captivating as others. Typically, I would never read short stories as I prefer longer novels, but Lauren is such a talented writer that I would read a book of sentences written by her.

All We Ever Wanted // Okay, this was one of my favorite books from the summer. A few of my friends and I read it at the same time and even the slowest of the readers finished it within five days. It’s an EASY read in terms of speed, but the plot (a revealing photo of a teen girl gets leaked on Snapchat by her crush at a high school party) feels so relevant. I have a feeling that Emily Giffin wrote this with the intention of it being turned into a screenplay for a movie.

Silver Girl // Another Elin Hilderbrand audiobook here. I just love listening to her descriptions of Nantucket, especially during the summer! I liked this one a lot more than Beautiful Day. This is about a wife who discovers her uber-successful husband has cheated all of his clients out of millions of dollars in a Ponzi scheme. She moves into her estranged best friend’s Nantucket home. It’s a light beach read about friendship, love, and forgiveness.

Digital Gold // My friend Alex just launched Lolli, a browser extension like eBates but instead of cash, you earn Bitcoin. He recommended this book to me and I loved it. It’s the stranger-than-fiction story of the history of Bitcoin and the “misfits” who helped build it. It was fascinating and actually helped me understand cryptocurrency. Now when I read articles about it, I’m not quite as confused.

You’re Not Lost // Obviously, I love Maxie and I’m not just saying this because I’m her friend…. but I loved the book! It was like a gift from the universe when it showed up at my door because I was in the middle of a mini-life-crisis. If you’ve ever felt lost (and honestly, who hasn’t?!), you’ll love it. I think the best part is that it’s also a workbook, with probing questions to help you sort through what you’re going through and feeling. I kept a pen next to me to answer questions and to take notes in the margins. (I also listened to the audiobook, too!)

Circe // Okay so I liked this book and would recommend it. But I did not love it; it also took me forever to get through. It has great bones and the premise (the retelling and expansion of Circe’s story) is interesting. I wouldn’t say I’m the world’s biggest Greek mythology fan, but I was surprised by how much I remembered from high school and various other pop culture elements. A lot of the secondary stories came flooding back to me. The one thing that drove me crazy throughout the book was how quickly time and plot moved along. If you missed one sentence, you could miss centuries (literally) of time and entire story arcs. I almost wish that the last third of the book had been the entire book.

Carly the Prepster Book

What I’m Reading Right Now:

The Lost Queen of Crocker County // I brought this down to the beach this weekend and I’m kind of speeding along through it. It took about 90 pages for it to pick up, but now I’m enjoying it.

Bel Canto // I downloaded this audiobook because I LOVE Ann Patchett’s writing, especially as an audiobook. It’s so easy to get lost in the character’s lives.

Summer Reading

What’s Next

My list of books to read is growing by the day. I received a few books for my birthday and I’m fortunate enough to be on publisher’s mailing lists. The stack above is some of the collection of “to read” books I have going right now. I also downloaded Crazy Rich Asians to listen to next because I loved the movie so much!

Did you love any books this summer?

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Coralys M

Im about to start reading Crazy Rich asians too because i loved the movie, i also downloaded audiobooks for the following two books after crazy rich asians


I love book posts! I also read ‘You Me Everything’ and enjoyed it as a quick summer read. Another quick read I loved was ‘Eight Hundred Grapes’ by Laura Dave.
I will definitely be adding a few of these recommendations to my list.
Taylor |


Thanks for this list, Carly!! This summer I love the Hamilton Affair! I also reread Eat, Pray, Love and it felt like the perfect summer read!

xo, Libby


I loved The Female Persuasion — also because I read it entirely on the beach! Also, not a new book, but I read Dear Committee Members by Julie Schumacher — it’s written entirely in hilarious letters of recommendation by a disgruntled English/Creative Writing professor — I rarely laugh out loud reading, but this book made me laugh a lot.

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Oh I’m sure you’ll love Crazy Rich Asians; I read it last year and was so excited when I heard there’d be a film adaptation (which I watched last week!). // Ahh Emily Giffin is my childhood! I’ll have to check out All We Ever Wanted. This summer I’ve been trying to get back in the habit of reading regularly, so I welcome quick reads ^-^ I’d also be interested to check out Digital Gold. Both added to my TBR now! // My favourite read this summer was Scythe by Neal Shusterman. It’s on the border of sci-fi and fantasy, and I’d say it’s suitable for middle school and above. I mean, I just graduated from college and I thoroughly enjoyed it! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


Totally agree about Circe! I couldn’t figure out how I was missing so much when I could have sworn I read every sentence haha


I read two Curtis Sittenfeld books this summer (you think it, i’ll say it and eligible) and I have a few that I’m in line for from the library (I use my Kindle and get ebooks sent straight to it). I’ll have to check out some of your picks!


I love posts like this, I’m always curious to hear about what others are reading. I’m on the second chapter of Maxie’s book and love it already. It’s like she’s sitting across from me I know it’s gonna help me sort some things out. This summer I read “About Grace” which is the first book by Anthony Doerr who wrote “All the Light We Cannot See” which I know you loved and right now I’m reading “The Widow”, very Gone Girl-ish. “Crazy Rich Asians” is also on my list to read this fall so I’ve been holding off on seeing the movie!


I read Digital Gold because of your recommendation when you posted it a week or two ago on Instagram and I LOVED it! Totally agree with you that it made me a lot less confused about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and it was just a great read.


I think you would love Mary Kay Andrews books! Much like you love Elin Hilderbrand ‘s descriptions of Nantucket, MKA sets her books in either Savannah, Charleston, or coastal sleepy Florida beach towns! I’ve been reading her stuff for, no joke, 10 years – since I was in high school! I’d recommend starting off with one of her older books – Savannah Blues – and going from there 🙂

Southern & Style

I love that you had some Elin Hilderbrand books on your list! She is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors (since I’ve read everything Nicholas Sparks has ever written!) and her books are just perfect for Summer.

xoox, SS

Southern and Style

Sarah Biro

You should read Ghosted next!! It was a quick pool read this summer. I’m ordering All We Ever Wanted now based off your recommendation – thank you!


Finished one hour ago Crazy Rich Asians and I am in that “depression” that only the end of good books leaves behind. So I absolutely recommend it!

Amy F.

Thanks for the recommendations! I added The Lost Queen of Crocker County and You Me Everything to my reading list. This summer I’ve read The Devil Wears Prada, Revenge Wears Prada, and the recently released third book, When Life Gives You Lululemons. I really enjoyed all three of these and just love Lauren Weisberger’s style of writing. Currently reading The Summer Wives by Beatriz Williams and am enjoying it so far!


Always love your book posts! Digital Gold practically saved my marriage haha kidding, but really! My husband works in finance and I swear I thought he was speaking a foreign language when he talked about bitcoin! Now I can finally register what he’s saying!


I read “A Place for Us” earlier this summer and loved it! It felt like everyone was talking about it and SJPs involvement just increased the hype – but there was hype for a reason! A story of family and finding your place in the world. Totally worth putting at the top of your list.

I’ve read your blog for years but rarely comment – thanks, as always, for posting such enjoyable content!


Bel Canto is one of my all time favorites. I truly loved every page. Her book Patron Saint of Liars is frustrating and wonderful at the same time, too. I highly recommend!


I like pretty much every book ever, but for this summer’s list I loved Crazy Rich Asians, The Great Alone, The Female Persuasion, and The Book of Essie.


I always love your book suggestions! This summer, I especially loved “Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup” (It’s the story of the 1st woman-led Silicon Valley startup. It was a total fraud; however, Walgreens, Safeway, and many famous people committed millions to it. I couldn’t put it down!) and “Dark Enough to See the Stars in a Jamestown Sky” (a historical fiction about the women and children of Jamestown. Much of it is based upon the author’s research of her own Jamestown ancestors. Fascinating!)


Highly recommend Crazy Rich Asians and the rest of the trilogy! Also, I’m finally listening to the audiobook for What Happened – it was too raw and upsetting before, but good now!

supal // @chevronseclairs

I actually found myself reaching for some short stories recently. Just finished The Refugees, which is a collection of short stories of Vietnamese refugees assimilating into daily (western) life. It was alright, but really enjoyed comparing the cultural nuances as I’m an American expat.

Nicole Wickholm

I don’t know if you’d be interested in it, but Shoe Dog was an incredible book! It’s Phil Knight, the founder of Nike telling the story of how he built Nike from nothing. SUPER interesting and gives a lot of backstory and explanation on why some of the things are the way they are.


I JUST finished ‘The Rules of Magic’ by Alice Hoffman, which is a prequel to her novel ‘Practical Magic’ (aka the novel that served as basis for one of the most underrated movies about sisterhood of all time) and loved it. Absolutely loved it. I would also recommend ‘Garden Spells’ and ‘First Frost’ by Sarah Addison Allen as perfect fall reads (with ‘The Sugar Queen’ as a start of winter read).


Beautiful Day was one of my least favorite EH books. LOVE her stories, but something about that one just didn’t click with me!


Our library has online checkout of ebooks and audiobooks. I’ve become obsessed! I read a bunch of the Women’s Murder Club by James Patterson, the Corfu trilogy by Gerald Durrell, the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, and A Wrinkle in Time.