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Happy Saturday everyone. I’m excited to take it easy this weekend. Hope you guys have fun plans, whether it’s out and about or inside and cozy (no judgment from me). I thought it’d be fun today to round up a few the things that I really love right now.

J Crew New Balance

Headspace // I’ve had a number of people recommend the app Headspace to me over the past year or so. After a failed attempt at a meditation challenge with Maxie a few years ago, I thought I was a lost cause. I finally broke down and downloaded the app. And let’s just say, I bought the yearly membership within three days. It makes meditation totally doable– in a way I’ve never experienced. The guy’s voice alone is relaxing!

There are different packs of meditation based on what you need in a particular moment (including an “SOS” playlist). I’ve been working my way through the foundation levels right now and just hit a 20-day streak with over three hours of total mediation so far. I look forward to those ten or so minutes a day now!

Thin Mints // Ugh. I’m not sure if I would classify this as a love or a love/hate thing. My mom sent up a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies, and I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to ration them out. I popped the boxes in my freezer, and I swear, around 9 pm, they start calling my name. It’s a good thing they’re not available year-round, or I’d really be in trouble. Any other Thin Mint aficionados out there?

Leather iPhone Case // I must be taking more mirror selfies than normal because I’ve been getting a lot of questions about where my leather iPhone case is from. It’s a handpainted case from KJP! In the past, I’ve always had a plastic case, but I’m digging the leather lately. I was worried that it would get scuffed easily, but instead, it’s aged nicely and looks perfectly worn in. It also looks a little bit more professional than, say, a hot pink case while still having a ton of personality!

Podcasts // You guys left some incredible podcast recommendations the other week. I spent some time listening to a few and finally settled on one to really get hooked on. So for the past week, I’ve been making some progress on “Missing Maura Murray.” It started over a year ago, but they’re still making episodes. I honestly don’t even know what to think at this point… but can’t seem to turn it off either.

I also listened to the first episode of the S-Town podcast yesterday. My interest is already piqued. I’ve read online that it’s even better than Serial, too!

J. Crew for New Balance // Never did I imagine that I’d be so obsessed with workout clothes. I never thought I’d be so into working out enough to even get to the workout clothes part. It’s a little nuanced, but I definitely see the difference between what I like and don’t like for different classes. Of everything, I can’t seem to get enough of J. Crew’s collaboration with New Balance. I love the tops, but the pants are especially great for working out. And they’re super cute. Can’t go wrong. My collection keeps growing, and I’m not mad about it.

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I love the J. Crew New Balance collection! I haven’t had thin mints in such a long time because I have to eat gluten free, but I found a close substitute called Mint Thins!
Thanks for sharing!
Lauren |


Love love love Headspace. Started it about a month and a half ago at the recommendation of a friend. So good. Starts my morning off right for sure!

Taylor M

I’m loving J Crew’s workout gear too! I haven’t bit the bullet on anything yet, but the sports bras / tops are my favorite! Is the sizing pretty accurate? I usually have to size up for new balance gear. Would love to know your opinion!

Have a great weekend!


I’ve never heard about Headspace, but I’m currently using Calm, which I think is really good. It helps me a lot, but your comment on this app makes me want to give it a try !
Thank you for this post !


OMG, 4 years later and we finally figured out the meditation thing! TWENTY DAYS STRAIGHT THOUGH!? Inspiration!!! xoxoxox


I’m in the same spot with Thin Mints and try to pretend the Keebler Elf Grasshopper cookies (which are pretty much exactly the same) don’t exist


I completely agree on workout clothes — the J.Crew ones are so cute, but I still think Lululemon is my favorite. Have not found a place with better leggings yet.

I listened to Missing Maura Murray too. What a strange mystery! I believe that she succumbed to the elements when she hid in the woods as to not get a DUI and add more trouble to her list but I hope she is out there living a great life!

Katie McC | Katie's Kronicles

Cute cute look! Those leggings look way comfortable! I never really understood the “I buy workout clothes to get more motivated to workout and look cute at the same time” mantra so many people would rave about. I’ve always been a super active person and never really needed cute workout clothes as a motivation- I’d just wear whatever. That was until I started to learn to surf. I’ts SCARY! I want to learn and get better but I also need something to motivate me and give me a positive outlook on the situation than just picturing myself dying from the waves crashing over my head every time. The only thing that made that situation sound slightly better was to buy cute rash guards from places like J.Crew. And there I had it. The motivation I needed and I finally understood the reason people buy cute workout clothes to help motivate themselves to get in the gym despite any fear or doubt they had before. haha. It totally works!



Love thin mints and the J.Crew x New Balance Collection! I have also been listening to many podcasts since its a 45 minutes drive to my school…I recommend listening to the Girl Boss Radio Podcasts! They are my absolute favorite!