Whatever Makes U Happy

What makes me happy is having lots of friends who love me no matter how crazy I am!
One of whom showed me this website: Whatever Makes U Happy
There is so much negative circling around the world. Just this a sliver of happiness can brighten up a day!
-College Prepster
PS I can’t believe this is my 99th post! Holy Moly!

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This is not difficult for me…never, try to be someone you aren't,never connect with anyone who does not have the same values, just to fit in. Your own values, when positive, will follow you throughout your life…words of wisdom… hopefully, I have touched on someone, somewhere with these ideals makes me happy!!!

Irwin Esq

There is way to much negativity out there!! I enjoy reading your blog bc you always seem so cheerful and you are so creative!! Good reminder for everyone to be happy and appreciate what they have 🙂


Your next post is a biggie!! 😉 Thanks for the nice comment on my blog yesterday! So glad you like it! Trying to come up with unique ideas….