I thought I’d take this Sunday post to share some of the things bringing me joy right now. I have been in a great mood lately and I feel like I’ve been finding “joy” in all the things, big and small.




So I love following Sasha and Christy on Youtube (they are so cute and about 1,000x more put together than I was at their age). They inspired me to try Nutpods, a dairy-free coffee creamer. It’s so good. I usually drink my coffee black, but since I try to savor my one cup of coffee a day while pregnant, it’s been a fun addition. I have been getting the small containers and trying all the flavors. The hazelnut has been my favorite so far!


I think it goes without saying…. but seeing all of my friends again has been THE BEST. Between the baby shower, meeting our new neighbors, and visiting friends finally. Ugh, I missed them all so much. Mike and I went down to our friends Maddie and Ryan’s house in Pennsylvania and had the absolute best time. I had seen Maddie and Mike had seen Ryan, but we hadn’t hung out all together in over a year!!! We are meeting up with friends while on Nantucket (Victoria and Mackenzie and a few of Mike’s college friends). Maddie is coming up for a couple of nights and then Nicole is coming down for a weekend. I am just like on Cloud Nine of seeing everyone!


The heat and third trimester is hitting me hard in terms of my energy. I’ve been trying to get an earlier start to my days since it’s when I have the most energy… and then I indulge in an afternoon nap when I need them. Usually I would feel so guilty about this, but honestly, I am usually so tired I can’t even keep my eyes open at 3pm and I feel like I have no choice. Instead of feeling guilty… I’m just trying to be grateful I can take a nap and that I’m sure I’ll be looking back and missing this quiet time in my life. So, I’ve decided to enjoy it guilt-free.


Oh I have just been loving how the nursery is coming together. It feels so…. real. The best part (right now) is how much the pups love the space. I catch them snoozing in there a couple of times a day. I think they think I set it up for them… But I keep walking into the room and just can’t believe we’re about two months away from using the space. (I think we’ll have the baby sleep with us in our room in a bassinet when we first bring him home, but still.)


Okay, this is a huge indulgence and it feels even a little dumb saying this…. but I bought a television for our guest room. We only have one right now, downstairs in the family room, and I finally broke down and realized I wanted another TV. It’s in the guest room/office. And it’s been nice when there’s some sort of sports thing on that Mike wants to watch… I can come upstairs and watch whatever I want 🤣 I haven’t even used it that much since getting it last week, but just knowing I can brings me joy. (More practically, we expect to have family stay with us once the baby comes so we thought it would be nice to make them feel extra comfortable with the option of a television if they stay for a while!)


Okay, obviously I’ve been volunteering for a while. But recently we moved to a new system now that more people are getting vaccinated. And I love the change!! It used to be so solitary since we had to keep distance from each other and wore masks the whole time. It’s been really great a) seeing people’s faces and b) getting to know everyone a little more. It makes the time go by so fast too with the chit chat!!


Kind of a random one, but I’ve been having to ask for more help than I used to. It felt a little uncomfortable at first, but now I just feel so grateful that there are so many amazing people around me who are happy to help. I realize just how lucky I am to have great people in my life! From the awesome women I work with to Mike and my friends. Just. So. Grateful.

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Kelly C

This post just made me smile the entire time reading it. I’ll be reflecting on my day now seeing what’s bringing me joy. ☺️


I think you writing about asking for help and it being okay is something we absolutely need to see/hear more of!!! I wish it was something I had seen/heard/learned prior to my daughter being born, because it would have saved me during the newborn phase when I felt like I didn’t need help but totally I did. Thank you for sharing this?!!


I love this! What power it brings to point out the joys in life. I was in my 3rd trimester last year around this same time. I savored the dates nights we were able to have and sitting in my empty nursery dreaming about all the snuggles we would share. <3