I’ve shifted into a slower gear for summer (and very grateful to be able to do so) and it means a lot of things for me. From a generally slower pace to less screen time. And, of course, more time in the sun. We’re doing a week at the beach right now and when we come back, I have no trips planned as we settle in and wait for baby. I’m planning on afternoons in the backyard, lots of dog walks, and weekends at the local pond. One thing is certain: I actively seek to protect my skin from the sun!

I’m pretty sensitive to the sun as it is, but I recently learned (the hard way) that pregnant women have even more sensitive skin than usual. (I had an allergic reaction to medical tape!) This includes sensitivity to the sun, too.

I wanted to round up some of my “must-haves” for sun protection.



Setting up a BEACH UMBRELLA is worth the extra effort for me.

While I’d love to be someone who could just walk down to the beach with nothing but a bikini and a book… I’d only last about twenty minutes without some kind of overhead shade. Especially if we’re going to be outside for a while, I always prefer having an umbrella that I can hide under. It allows me to be outside without the constant worry about getting too much sun.

When it comes to hats, I generally try to keep a BASEBALL CAP handy everywhere I go.

I have one in the backseat of my car right now for “just in case moments.” Keeping the sun off my face as much as possible is the key. I do wear daily sunscreen, but I know the extra shade always makes a difference too. (And I find it more comfortable to not have to squint or overheat.) I also love a good SUNHAT… the wider brims provide even more sun protection and they can complement your outfit. So it’s a win/win.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’m Lands’ End’s biggest fan when it comes to their SUN SHIRTS.

They are game changers in terms of sun protection. I always pack one when I’m going to be outside and they’re great to roll up and toss into a tote bag for days when you find yourself outside and unable to seek shade. Sometimes I also just have no desire to put on sunscreen so it provides the SPF for me. These are particularly great because they look cute with jeans, with workout bottoms, and even over a bathing suit…. so you’re covered (literally) no matter what activity you’re up to. (Here’s a pregnancy/bump-friendly version too!)

Protecting your eyes is also important.

Look for SUNGLASSES that come with 100% UV protection. It’s always worth it!

And then, of course, you can’t forget SUNSCREEN.

I have various sunscreens I use for different purposes. But the two I’ve been wearing the most (particularly when I know I’m going to be out in the sun for extended periods of time) are the Supergoop! PLAY sunscreen and the Supergoop! UNSEEN sunscreen for my face. The key is to reapply as frequently as your sunscreen recommends. You can’t just put it on the morning and expect to be good-to-go all day. Especially if you’re sweating or swimming, reapplication is necessary!


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