White on White

All white is terribly risky. Especially in NYC. You don’t even realize just how dirty the city is. (Well, you know… but then all of a sudden you can see it! #gross.)
Despite the risk of NYC grime and the iced coffee two-a-days, it’s worth it though. It’s funny too because I used to avoid white clothes like the plague because of my pale skin. Now I’m embracing the look with open arms. And my dry cleaner loves me!
This swiss dot tuxedo shirt rocks my world. It’s a little bit sheer in person, as a warning, but it’s airy and light enough for summer temperatures. The texture on the shirt makes up for the sheerness a bit.
White nails and white shoes too because why not go all out on the theme. I thought the all-white needed a little something to make it pop even more. The leopard clutch is perfect. Fits all the essentials and you can use it as an organizer for bigger handbags too. 
Photos by Bekka Palmer

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Do you like the monochromatic look? Would you wear an all-white outfit?
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Emily Mae

I love this look! That shirt is awesome and the clutch is perfect. I would probably not wear an all-white outfit (pale skin and I'm already constantly nervous about spilling on myself), but I do go for the monochromatic looks every so often, mostly because I have a lot of black in my wardrobe, and solid color dresses.

SC Girl

You look great! I have also always struggle with white and paler colors near my fair skin, but maybe I'll try it out now!


An all white look is definitely a must for me in the summer, especially when I finally have a tan. Despite my tendencies to spill things on myself, I will still rock an all white outfit (while carrying a Tide to Go pen in my purse).

Lindsie Sooter

Your first sentence is grammatically incorrect. You cannot leave terrible that way without it being conjugated. Please edit your posts if you want me to believe you care about blogging.


Get over yourself. If you are so concerned about grammar in a blog, please go start your own perfect one. I'm sure you'll have plenty of fashionably dressed followers.


I so feel you on the dirty thing, it seems like I spill so much more stuff on myself when I'm wearing white…and you're right, it's especially dangerous in NYC. When I lived there I'd come home at night and look at the white shirt I wore that day thinking, "where'd that stain come from?" or, "why does it look so much duller than it did this morning?" Every surface you rub up against is grimy unfortunately 🙁

Love, Gigi
Dolce and Gabriella


I am way to dirt prone to pull of an all white ensemble. In fact I generally avoid white tops, let alone white top AND bottoms!