Begin Again

One of my most favorite things in the world to do is go to the movies. I really love watching movies. If I could find a way to read books during the day and go to the movie theater at night for a living, I would do it in a heartbeat. For me, books and movies are the best kinds of “escape.” To be sucked into another world? I love it. I love the way stories fold out in books and that your imagination is heavily relied on when picturing what’s been written. But going to the movie theater is an experience in and of itself.
Sometimes I’m deterred from going because it’s insanely expensive (especially in the city… $5 for a bottle of water!?), but when I have a free night and just want to tune the rest of the world out for a bit, it’s my favorite place to go. Phones off, tons of popcorn, and a dark theater is really the best way, in my opinion, to take a break from whatever craziness is going on in my life. (I should also note that I love going by myself too. Just me, a bucket of popcorn, and a box of Sno-caps.)
Without getting into too much detail, I’ve been feeling kind of overwhelmed. Not by the daily to-dos which have been very manageable recently… but more so the big things on the horizon that I just feel weighted down from. Good things still can feel heavy! (And there’s a lot of unknowns and maybes and keep your fingers crosseds.) I typically work a little bit every Saturday– only a couple of hours… but I crushed my to-do list on Friday and found myself with extra free time this weekend. TO THE MOVIES!
I can really go to the movie theater and be happy watching anything, but there were so so so many good options in theaters right now that I didn’t know what to see! I’d heard amazing things about Boyhood (it was filmed with the same cast over TWELVE years!) and my parents really recommended Chef… and then there’s Tammy because Melissa McCarthy is the funniest person on Earth. But… I went with Begin Again.

Oh. My. Goodness. I loved it. Really, really loved it. I like Kiera Knightley enough, but this has to be my favorite role she’s ever played and Adam Levine surprised me as an actor. Every role was played perfectly.  It also made me kind of fall in love with New York City again– the movie greatly romanticizes the city, success, and love.

The best part, however, is hands down the music. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on Spotify on repeat. It’s better than watching a musical because the characters aren’t just breaking out into song at random… ha!

My parents actually saw it at the same time as me so it was fun to call them afterward and talk about it. (They loved it too!)

Have you seen Begin Again?! Anyone else love going to the movies?


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Sorcha M.

As a film student I used to go to the movies on my own ALL THE TIME. I find it weird that some people don't like to – it's the perfect solo activity! You have to sit quietly in the dark and not talk to people.

Nowadays because I work in the industry I tend to go to more screenings than just actually go to the movies for fun – but when I get the chance it's just as much fun as when I was a kid.

Definitely want to see Begin Again, although I think I would have been swayed by McCarthy!

Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

Simplee Sampson

I could not agree more with you that books and movies let you "escape" for awhile. I was never a big reader until mid-way through college but once I finally jumped on the book reading wagon I refuse to get off. 🙂 Movies is definitely a favorite for me to do on my own when I just me time. I am officially adding Begin Again to my list.

Have a great Sunday!


I LOVE going to movies alone! People make fun of me for it all the time, but you don't even talk during a movie…why must it be a social activity? I smuggle a water bottle and some candy into the theater and have myself a great little time.

Love, Gigi
Dolce and Gabriella

Juliet Terrill

I am also a movie fanatic! I've been making my way through your documentary list and am loving so many of them. And actually- I saw this movie with my mom and loved it! I am also obsessed with music and I loved how they incorporated the songs. You tweeted about seeing the film right as I was walking out of the theater! Overall it was amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone!


Definitely listen to your parents! Chef was one of the best movies I have seen in a very long time!

Olivia Stieren

I want to see this movie very badly! Thanks for the review. I loved Once so I am pumped to see something else written/directed by John Carney. I'm a sucker for musicals, even though I can't sing worth a heck 🙂


I loved Begin Again as well! I can't wait to own it when it comes out on DVD. I haven't checked out the soundtrack yet, but I'm already ten times more excited about work tomorrow so that I can listen to it on Spotify while I work. 🙂

Hanna Yoon

You MUST watch Boyhood!! It's not a crazy, intricate storyline, but the act of having filmed over 12 years just ties the whole movie together more perfectly than any other movie I've seen. I found myself totally growing and relating with the character and especially Mason, the main character. Also, I'm the same exact age as Mason when the movie ends so it was crazy relatable and the soundtrack pretty much was just the cherry on top. Starts with Coldplay with the Parachutes album and ends with Arcade Fire with The Suburbs album. The overall interconnectedness of the movie. Amazing.

Margo Vandeburie

I have to go see this movie! I love going to the movies, sometimes I've seen most of the ones they are playing for a couple of weeks haha. Wouldn't dare to go alone though 😉 This one seems to be a good mix of romance, happiness and sadness! If you haven't seen About Time, you definitely should! xoxo

Sydney P.

Carly, if you love this movie, you MUST watch both Once and Sing Street, which were written and directed by the same person who created/directed Begin Again (John Carney). They have the most beautiful soundtracks and are so incredibly raw and entirely authentic in both writing and acting. Sing Street is also set in 1980s Dublin, which is absolutely marvelous. Please, please at least watch the trailers <3 I think you would fall in love.