Why you should write your first book… now!

I love that Maxie chose to write this post during the summer. I spent the couple of months off of school after my freshman year of college writing the chapters to my book. It wasn’t terribly hard, but it did take a lot of commitment to sitting down every day to churn out a few more pages. (Most of my book was written at night after the kids I was nannying for went to bed!) I agree with absolutely every one of Maxie’s points here!
Why you should write your first book… now!
Guest post by Maxie McCoy
I never thought that I’d be a published author by the time I turned 25. I loved to write and knew I was good at it… but in my mind that was an accomplishment saved for the already famous. Or the ones with crazy stories to tell. Or the creatives who easily put together wondrous, fictional tales.
Then as my life would have it, I was serendipitously connected to a couple of successful entrepreneurs who were looking for someone to co-write their book. Two years and an Amazon best selling book later, my life would never be the same again.
As you know, I’m not the only person who wrote a book at an early age. Carly did too. And while our journeys were different, (our books too!), we did it. And believe me when I say: you can too.
Writing a book was hands down the hardest but the most valuable thing I’ve ever done. If you’ve ever dreamt of the day where you’ll do the same. Stop dreaming. And start writing. Here’s why you should begin now.
You have a story to tell
While I was telling the story of another couple, it was still a story that resonated intimately with my soul. You have that too. Whether this is your made up world of a woman moving to the big city, a real-life tale of your adventures abroad, or your best practices for surviving summer, never question your story. It’s there. And it’s time to get it onto paper.
It’s more possible than you think
We’re living in an age where technology is disrupting everything. It’s not just the way you stay connected with your friends, but the way you write books these days too. If you want to publish a book… you can. No longer do you have to be “picked up” by an agent. No longer do you need a cash advance to take your book from proposal to finished product. No longer do you need a publishing house. Amazon CreateSpace is everything you need to get a book from inside your head into the hands of a reader. 
A book is the new business card
This is the overarching theme of my entire book writing experience. I wrote about this much more on my blog, but the results of having a published a book has been one of the best moves I’ve ever made for my career. From people I connect with who have also written one, to the first impression it makes when someone googles me prior to a meeting, this book has opened doors that I never knew existed. Why miss out on this amazing opportunity? No matter if you’re compelled to write a thriller or self help, knowing that you’ve seen a project from ideation to fruition is enough to impress any future colleague, partner or employer.
Who doesn’t love passive income?
One of the best lessons we learn as we get into our careers, is that having a passive income on the side is a gift. So while you might take a year or two to write your perfect publication, there’s no limit to the money it can make you…. and continue to make you. Every time a book gets sold on Amazon, you’re making money. This adds up and becomes anything but trivial. Who doesn’t love extra cash each month?

Are you ready to write your first book yet?? I hope you don’t wait a day longer. Take that daydream you think about here and there, and make it your reality. There’s no reason to wait.
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Ayu Ino

I've been debating in my head whether to start writing or not. This post definitely gave me the push that I needed. Thank you!


Thanks for the great advice! I have really enjoyed writing for my blog and have found myself writing for fun more and more. A few years ago I would have never said I wanted to write a book – but everyone has a story to tell and after a recent health crisis in my life where I learned important life lessons – the desire to publish my story is quite strong.

Lerry G Leone Leone

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Katy Watkins

I think this is some great advice! I love writing, I have a creative writing degree too! I've always wanted to write a book. It's my dream. But for some reason I never just do it! Maybe this will give me the incentive to give it a go!

🙂 Thanks Maxie! And I've subscribed to your blog by email too!


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