The Truths

Something that I’ve been learning (of course, always the hard way) is that there are some truths out there in this so-called thing we call life. Some of the truths are amazing and wonderful and sunny. Some of the truths are hard and difficult. Both are necessary– I always find that the hard truths make the great truths that much greater!
I would imagine that there are countless truths out there if you went to add everyone’s up… but everyone values different truths in different ways. For me, most of my truths have come out based on life experiences I’ve had, my insecurities, and (especially) when I’ve been hurt!
One thing to note, especially for the hard truths, is that sometimes you have to learn and relearn them. I think they get easier to spot and easier to handle with every passing experience, but it doesn’t totally negate the fact that they still can hurt. They’re hard truths after all! And the good truths too, you might forget them and be pleasantly surprised when you rediscover one. 
A couple of truths in my life:
Cereal is great anytime | Obviously this is a good truth. I love cereal and forget to keep it in my apartment. It’s oddly expensive, but I buy a million boxes when it goes on sale ha! This may seem like a silly truth, and for the most part it is, but it also hits one of my roots: hangry. I am not someone who needs to eat every three hours and I’m generally pretty good about keeping my mood in check even if I’m hungry. But there are times when not eating properly and I go crazy. Lord help me and anyone else who crosses my path when I’m hungry. A bowl of cereal does the trick every time… especially when time is of the essence. No preparation necessary.

There are friends, there are good friends, and there are great friends | I’ve actually had to learn how to be a friend myself as I’ve grown up. I’ve always had friends, but I kept my cards extremely close to my chest. In high school, but especially college, I learned to open myself up more even if it increased the risk of getting hurt. The risk of getting hurt– and even the getting hurt part– makes the amazing relationships you do have so, so, so worth it.
Despite my late-bloomer start to true friendships, I love making friends now. One of the truths that I’ve learned is that everyone can be friend… but there is a difference between a great friend, a good friend, and just a friend. (And the same goes for yourself!) Given the nature of what a great friend is, it would be absolutely impossible to be a great friend to everyone. (And that’s okay!) The hard truth part comes into play when you find out someone you thought was a great friend might just be a good friend… or a good friend might just be a friend. But don’t lose sight of the fact that you still have a friendship! Priorities and situations and circumstances might have just gotten in the way. When a great friendship is really great, nothing gets in the way… which is the beauty of having only a handful of great friendships. (Most of my great friends live far away!)
Mom’s always right | I’m probably beating a dead horse here, but gosh if my mom isn’t right about everything. This is a good truth and can feel like a hard truth from time to time (lol). Seriously, I love her to death, but sometimes she says something and I just want to roll my eyes. But then, per usual, she’s right… should have listened to her from the beginning. One day I’ll learn, one day…

There is no such thing as a secret | Nothing is a secret. Whether it’s a whispered piece of information across the lunchroom table in high school or a mistake that was swept under the rug or a recipe for success… there are no secrets. Once I realized this, it’s pretty freeing. First of all, I make better decisions if I have the initial assumption nothing is a secret. It’s kind of a mix between Big Brother and some sort of intense therapy session. That would be the hard truth component.
The good truth? There are no secrets to anything in life. I read a quotation from Sarah Silverman in this month’s Glamour, “If you want to write, write.” Yep. No secret there. There’s no secret to hard work and just sitting down to get something done. Another similar thought: what works for one person may not, and probably will not, work for you… so even if there was a secret, it wouldn’t do you much good!
You can’t please everyone | A great quotation by Dita Von Teese, “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” This is another hard truth that turns into a freeing truth! When you know someone’s going to not like you– or even hate you– for being exactly who you are, then it doesn’t hurt (as much) when you find it out. If you know you’re being true to yourself and you know you’re being your best self, then hello! You’re winning!
Failing isn’t the end of the world | Confession: this is the hardest truth to learn, but the best one in my book. For so long I just assumed the world would end if I failed. Literally. As irrational as it sounds, it’s what I truly believed. My freshman year at Georgetown, however, I faced failure in the face. I was failing in every way. I failed my first exam. I failed my health. I failed with friendships and relationships. Report card on life: F. Much to my surprise, the world did not end. In fact, it could really only go up, get better. Which it did.
Five minutes of organizing, a whole day of structure | It’s a combination of the act of cleaning and the end result of having a tinier bit of organization. The trick for me is to set a timer for five minutes and to just have at it. But I have to stop when the five minutes is up as I can go down the rabbit hole and not come out until I’m knee-deep in bleach. I can do a lot in five minutes and I always make sure tidying up my desk is part of it. The rest of the day is amazing! 
Do you have any truths from your life that you’ve learned along the way?

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Jane Reggievia

Wah these all truths open my eyes even wider. Especially when it goes to Mom's words haha. But anyway, I have learned one truth that has told me about not everyone in your workplace like you (kinda refers to your number 5 truth). Yes, there must be one or two persons not really like the way you are (trust me, they even make a confession to me not long time ago LOL). It's not a big deal at all, because the only person who knows best about you is yourself.

Thank you so much, Carly for sharing these all. Have a good time and stay awesome! (:


Katy Watkins

1. It is worth buying a slightly larger pizza so there's some left over for cold breakfast pizza.

2. "You have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce", you have to organise your life and accomplish everything you want to, because you can't expect others to do it for you.

3. Getting up 10 mins earlier is worth it so you're not rushing out the front door.

These ones as well as you can't please everyone are DEFINITELY the truths of my life. I love it 😀 GREAT post!!

Kate <3


I'm the same way when it comes to friends. In highschool I had a close knit group with only around five or six of us. But during my first year of college I've really tried my best to open up and make many friends. Great post!!

Kendal // Life With Kendal

Sydney McFerron

So true! Hindsight is 20/20 right? I really appreciate the bit about organizing. It's so true but I'm still working on it haha.
xoxo Sydney

Aimee Carmichael

Great post and so true, I always worry about pleasing people or worrying "what if I fail" I still am learning that it's not the end of the world if I fail and that not everyone is going to like me for being me.

alaina shea

My truth (and life motto) has always been that "life goes on." You can't ever change the past, you can only prepare for the future, and you're already living in the present; just accept life – and time – as they are and go on being happy! 🙂