I kind of feel like I’m feeling excited to get dressed again. I’m also trying to really hone in on what feels good on my new body and vibes with my current season of life. Enter: these wide legged pants. I actually bought them on the spot even though I had gone into J. Crew just to make a return. I’ve tried wide legged pants before and couldn’t make them work– or maybe it was just a confidence issue? Either way, I’ve been into the silhouette so, so much lately.

I’m just under 5’6″, but I have very short legs. I got the regular length, as you can see, they hit just above the ankle. I think they’re “supposed” to be more cropped, but I like this length for the type of shoes I prefer wearing. Otherwise, I think they fit true to size.

I’m in between sizes for shirts– this striped shirt is my favorite and I bought it in a couple sizes up to wear while pregnant. But I can’t find my other size… I think it’s somewhere in storage in the basement? The one I’m wearing is a little too big to tuck in, but I went with it anyway 🤪

Also, Boat and Totes are ~trending~ on TikTok. Expect to see them everywhere this summer. (This one is the size large open top tote with short handles.)

Shirt // Pants // Shoes (c/o) // Tote // Similar Sweater


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Kay, every morning your comments give me the best chuckle. Truly, I don’t know if you can appreciate how entertaining I find them. (Especially since when I was pregnant, I popped so early there was no way I could wear a button at the waist.) anyway, thank you thank you for the continued supply of giggles.


I love this silhouette! I’ve been looking for wide leg pants myself, although maybe something more casual than these trousers. Have you come across anything like this in your search? Maybe a wide leg pant roundup in the future?


IMO, this style suits you very well.
Personally, I don’t like pants that are very cropped. This length is perfect.
These pants remind me of a pair of
J. Crew pants I had around early 2000s
Love the entire outfit.


LOVING this look. Also, love that super tight jeggings aren’t the only “trendy” pant right now – I find them hard to style on the weeks where I have to go up a size/feeling bloated. Definitely need to purchase these!