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Winter Boots I LOVE

I wish I could wear ballet flats year round. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case in the winter months. (I do try to push the limits of this as much as I can though.)

Instead of my beloved flats, I have a collection of winter boots that I love. These are all boots that I swear by and highly recommend. Of course, you don’t need all of these, but I find that they each serve a great purpose for all kinds of weather from slush to snow.

My Favorite Winter Boots

A few things I think about when it comes to winter boots: function and comfort. I may suffer for beauty when it comes to heels on occasion, but when it’s snowing? Nope! Give me the most comfortable pair of boots you can find, please and thank you.

J. Crew Nordic Boots

J. Crew Nordic Boots // Not only do I think these boots are super cute, they are insanely comfortable. They’re like walking on a cloud truly. My feet stay super warm and cozy!! I mostly wear these as a fashion statement when I need to keep my feet warm but want to look cute still.

(Please note that I did not weatherproof them and should have before wearing them in the snow. I read reviews online saying they dried totally normally, but as you can see… that was not the case for me! I typically use this spray and wish I had for these.)

Hunter Tour Boots

Hunter Tour Boots // I’m obsessed with these Hunter boots. I wear mine year round. There’s mixed opinion on whether or not these work in the winter, but from my personal experience, they 100% do. I think they’re a great boot in the snow (with a thick wool sock). Especially if you live somewhere where the snow turns to slush, these are your best bet. 100% rubber boots are great for sloshing through that nasty slush.

Sorel Slimboot

Sorel Slimboot // These are sold out, but you can still find a few on eBay and these tall boots are similar. I received these for a partnership I did with Teen Vogue and Sorel. They have remained my trusty boots. There is nothing that these boots can’t handle. I mostly wear these for function and utility, but I still they look great.

They’re perfect for trips to the dog park if it’s muddy or errands on a slushy day.


Sorel Joan of Arctic // These boots are on the more aggressive side of things. I mostly wear them on ski trips or on days when there’s a lot of snow outside. Great for warmth and trudging through the snow or dealing with slippery surfaces.

UGG Abree II Tall Boot

UGG // These are also from a collaboration I did a couple of years ago. I haven’t always been a fan of UGG boots, but not going to lie. I wear these daily. Of all the boots here, these are the ones I wear the most in the winter. They’re ridiculously warm and comfortable. Unlike other UGG boots, these zip up so you get a great fit minus all the bulk.

LL Bean Bean Boots

Bean Boots // I can’t do a winter boot roundup without including my trusty Bean Boots. These are definitely the easiest to slip on for me, so I tend to grab them when it’s wet outside and I need to run out the door. (PS here’s how I tie mine!)

This has been the first year where I haven’t felt like I needed a pair of boots for some kind of weather. Between November and, like, April, we get a little bit of everything weather-wise and I like to be prepared for anything and now I do. I’ve been investing in my collection since graduating college and can’t emphasize enough how it pays to buy quality all-weather boots. As a hint, lots of winter boots start going on sale between now and the end of February. It’s the BEST time to get a great price; you’ll be glad you did when next winter rolls around!

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I love these round ups about what you have and love. Keep doing these even when you start buying clothes again.

Jordana @WhiteCabana

I have just about the same collection, Carly. Multiple boots are a must for various kinds of winter weather. I also have a few pairs of little black booties with different kinds of soles. These are good for the days when I need to walk somewhere in crappy weather, but look professional when I get to my destination (rather than switching out shoes).


Definitely couldn’t have gotten through a midwest winter without my bean boots! Thanks for the tip on the Sorel Joan of Arctic. I may need to invest in a pair for the heavier snow days.

Ryann Carter

I just found some Nordic boots on EBay and ordered them. I fell in love with them earlier this month when I saw them on several pages, but I live in Charleston and have basically next to no use for them. But they are so cute and it does get cold down here and we do travel to colder areas (like NC) and we hope to start going to New England every winter for a week. I feel so whiny but I just love them! Hunter boots would be really useful since we’re below sea level, those may be my next shoe purchase!


Being a Minnesotan, you almost can’t get through winter without more than one pair of boots! I have a line-up in my mud room that looks very similar to yours with a few exceptions:
– BLONDO Volly Waterproof Riding Boot
– Clarks Women’s Glick Emfield (Unfortunately not as warm as UGGs but have a little sleeker look. I’m with you, I am not a huge UGG fan but I know I’ll be converted the day I slip a pair on.)
– Sorel Winter Fancy Lace II Boot (looks like the Bean Boot)
Hunter Adjustable Calf Rain Boot (great for bigger calves)

I’m waiting for my Merrell Chateau Mid Lace Waterproof to show up in the mail, I’m so excited! I’m traveling in Europe this spring and wanted something versatile. You can NEVER have too many boots when you live ‘up north’!


Hi Carly! I love the look of Bean boots, and you’ve said nothing but awesome and positive things about them on your site, but I’m super uncomfortable shopping at a store that sells gear for shooting and that promotes gun culture and ownership. Any solid substitutes out there? Thanks!


Hi Carly,
I really appreciate your round-ups of your favorite/most worn items like the boots here and earlier, Patagonia items. Can you do a post about the coats you reach for the most as well as handbags? I own too many of both and would love to hear your thoughts on what you consider timeless or most functional/practical.
Thank you!


Love these!! This is a helpful collection.

If you’re ever on the lookout for ankle booties that you can wear with skirts/dresses/work pants, I got these Blondo booties in black suede for Christmas! I love them and they’re supposedly waterproof, which is perfect for me to wear to work. Unfortunately it hasn’t snowed in Colorado Springs since Halloween so I haven’t been able to test them personally, but from the reviews it sounds like they do great in snow and rain!


I take my leather boots to my cobbler once a year for cleaning and waterproofing. My 12 year old Uggs still look great! (I live in northern MN, so we have some pretty intense winters)