On My Radar

I can’t believe how much I managed to squeeze into this week. Do you ever feel like there are weeks where you blink and it’s Friday and your to-do list is still a mile long and other weeks where you’re just on fire cranking through the to-dos? This was a ~fire~ week.

One big highlight was going to a dinner with the Dudley Stephens team! It was such a nice mid-week pick me up and always a treat to get to hang out with amazing women.


Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // How to Speak So People Will Listen

Remember how I said I was watching Ted Talks? It’s been kind of hit or miss every day, but I have stumbled on some great ones. (And your recommendations in the comment section have been amazing as well!) This one about public speaking was really informative! I’ve been doing more public speaking lately so I definitely have a few things to practice from his talk.

TWO // Navy Chesterfield Dog Bed

I was perusing furniture websites for things for my new place and I stumbled on this little navy Chesterfield dog bed. It’s so ridiculous and over the top, but to be honest? I don’t hate it!!

THREE // Hand Painted Champagne Bottles

I’m breaking my no-alcohol on the blog policy to share these ridiculously cute painted champagne bottles. Someone shared a photo on Facebook and at first I thought it was a Lilly collaboration– would make such a fun gift for a friend.

FOUR // Draper James’ Valentine’s Day Collection

Loving absolutely every piece of Draper James’ Valentine’s Day collection!

FIVE // Dog Bandanas

A reader sent me a link to her online store with products for pets. The bandanas could not be cuter.

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This was defs a ‘blink and you miss it’ week – it’s like January just started and now it’s almost over!


I just don’t love the idea of promoting drinking/alcohol because I very rarely drink myself! It’s just not authentic to my personal beliefs/preferences!


OMG those champagne bottles are too cute!! They make me want to host a brunch just so that I can serve champagne out of them!


Where is the photo in this post from? I love the metal trays the soup and sammies come on AND the wooden menu board!!!


Hey Carly!! Just wondering if you plan on making V-Day gift posts/if you have any recommendations for what to get the guys?? Thanks!!


Oh my goodness, I cannot believe how cute the Draper James line is for valentines day! Thanks for the tip. I love the striped heart tee!


I love the “On My Radar” posts every Friday! I usually find at least one new thing that’s cool to explore. Thanks Carly!

Aliya W

Carly, great post, as always! So funny – the hand painted champagne bottles are from a company started by a girl I graduated college with! How cute are they?! I’m impressed.

Hope all is well!