Have you guys subscribed to my Youtube channel yet? I’m officially doing two videos a week and slowly getting the hang of it more. I had a lot of fun vlogging a couple of years ago, but ultimately, it felt a little too invasive. (Originally, I wanted to vlog because Snapchat cleared after 24 hours, but now that Instagram Stories are better, I don’t see a huge necessity in Youtubing that.)

I wouldn’t say I’m 100% comfortable in front of the camera. (Maybe I’ll have to do a full blooper video at some point, haha!) But with every passing video, I feel a little more natural. Because I still free pretty new at it, I’m also still trying to get my bearings in terms of content. I’m definitely trying out different things and seeing what works the best, but my ultimate hope is that it’s another platform where you can get to know me a little more through a new kind of medium!

With that said, here are a few of the videos that have gone up recently. And I’d love to know what has been your favorite or what you’d like to see more of! I’m totally open to any kind of video idea!

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Could you do maybe a video or post regarding what gear or necessity you need to make a youtube videos? I see you have those lights. I’m interested on starting a YouTube channel and want to hear what you like to use as well editing video software. Thanks!! – Haintso


LOVE seeing your new uploads in my YouTube feed each week. My favorite has been the easy lunch video. It looked quick & easy and inspired me to try it myself. Also, really enjoyed the favorites video!

Some of my favorite YT videos are clothing hauls, weekly recaps (RE: Lonestar Southern’s new series), day in the life, and home decor videos. And, of course, anything with Meesh!


I watched your story time video yesterday and liked it. I also love the intro montage/reel you had for it.

Ali Koch

My favorite videos to watch are a combo of routines [especially morning routines], organization videos [so weird, but so satisfying. I like your closet organization vid!], and and chatty/self care kind of videos. I think my favorite of your uploadeds is… honestly anything with Meesh lol! She needs her own YouTube!


I love videos like routines, day in the life, and what I eat in a day. I think YouTube is great because you can really just get a feel for how that person lives similarly or different to you!

Kristen from Pugs & Pearls

I adore your Youtube channel! Video content is so great, and you are really putting out the things I like to see. I always like the favorites videos, but I really really loved your storytime video this week too!


Your Youtube Video “typeography” looks so you! I remember you mentioned you did not want the videos I guess you’d call it, “cover page” to look so cheesy. And that you figured there had to be a way you could be genuine and yourself. I really think the font you use on your blog and Youtube videos really tie it all together and looks just like Carly the Prepster! The reality TV video authomatically caught my eye and I was so eager to see what you had to say I watched it right away!

Katie |