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Winter Cozies

I’ve switched over completely to all of my winter cozy items. I held on for as long as I could, but it’s been so chilly lately that I made the official switch. Over the years, I’ve learned that having separate winter and summer weight items makes a huge difference. Especially when it starts getting cold.


Better Sweater


So I definitely wear this fleece year-round, but when it starts getting cold out, I’m zipping into it nearly every day. My favorite thing is to put it on over pajamas while I’m downstairs letting the dogs out and getting the coffee started. I also wear it over workout clothes to and from the gym and just with jeans when I’m working from home.

Wicked Good Slippers


I wear slippers whenever I’m home (year-round really). When it’s warmer out, I wear my Birdies but once it starts getting cold? I switch to these. I even pack them whenever I travel in the winter– that’s how much I love them!!! There is nothing worse than bare feet on cold floors. I slip into them the second I wake up and when I come home from somewhere, I take my shoes off and switch right to these.




Of everything on this list, this is my number one must-have. I feel like such a grandma but it’s so cozy and fluffy. I love putting on robes in hotels and this has a very hotel vibe without being too heavy. The best part is that it washes wonderfully– it just gets softer and softer actually.


Flannel Pajamas


So I love my summer pajamas. Like love them. But they don’t cut it on cold nights. (Or worse, freezing mornings when I pad downstairs.) Flannel pajamas are a must.

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I requested Wicked Good Mocs for Christmas two years ago after hearing you rave about them. I AM OBSESSED. I leave them out year-round by my nightstand. In the last three weeks, I’ve started wearing them daily. THANK YOU for continuing to share what you love!


I am going to try this robe, it looks like what I have been looking fora d the price is awesome. Have tried so many robes to replace my old hotel robe, I think it might have been Macy’s but alas nothing felt as good and my old robe is literally falling apart. This may be the perfect replacement. Thanks Carly!


The Wicked Good slippers are nice, but have you tried Ugg Dakota Moccasins as slippers? They’re life changing. They’re just as comfy as the Wicked Good slippers, but they last three times as long for me. I’ve recommended them to friends who also found them life changing. So comfy!


Flannel jammies are the BEST things ever. It suddenly got really chilly in NJ, and I had to drag out my winter coat!! Hope you stay warm during the chilly season, Carly! 🙂

xx Libby


I always have trouble finding PJ bottoms that are long enough. I’m 5’7″ and I love my PJ bottoms be long enough to touch the floor. It irks me when they float off the floor because I can’t tuck my feet into them. Have you come across any that are longer?


Gorgeous!!! I am going to attempt this robe, it would seem that what I have been looking fora d the value is amazing. I have attempted such huge numbers of robes to supplant my old inn robe, I figure it may have been macy’s nevertheless oh dear nothing felt as great and my old robe is truly self-destructing.