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Without really intending to, I haven’t bought a single thing this month. Yes, we’re merely two weeks in, but after a big spending month in December, it feels nice to be thinking extra hard about purchases and fighting off temptation. (Also I thought it should be noted that typically buying clothes for me is an easy justification because I blog full time. I think it goes without saying but still worth mentioning that buying/wearing clothes for my blog is part of the job and how I make money with affiliate links. Big perk.)
Because of that easy justification though, sometimes I make purchases really quickly knowing that they’ll perform well on my blog without thinking about how they actually fit into my closet (literally) and my wardrobe (figuratively).
As I unintentionally started the month without buying anything, I’m going to stick with it through the end of the month. Luckily January is a pretty uninspiring month to purchase for. In December I was all heart eyes for plaid, tartan, red, and cool sweaters. Now it just feels like winter. Even still, I have found a few things that I will definitely put onto the wish list pile.
I actually made some real resolutions this year and one is being more financially savvy and a component of that is being more selective about purchases. But a girl can still look right?
Burberry Trench Coat | This is actually more of a confession. I’ve been lusting over a classic Burberry trench for years. I tried one on over Thanksgiving when I hit a particular goal of mine and then I couldn’t get it out of my head. I ended up buying it in the wrong size accidentally, exchanged for the right size, and then it sat on my counter for a week. I felt so guilty about it and ended up returning. Problem is that I still can’t stop thinking about it so I think I’m going to keep it on my wish list for now and revisit in the spring!
Multistripe Painter T-Shirt | This long sleeved striped tee is too cute. I love a good striped shirt and wear them almost all year round. I have a feeling this will ultimately go on sale anyway so I definitely don’t mind waiting!
M. Gemi Heels | How amazing are these bow heels? The unique bow was modeled after a sash from a vintage dress one of the cofounders of the company had. Also comes in red (for Valentine’s Day anyone?) and black.
Bow Placket Silk Top | I really like this top. A lot. It seems like the perfect top to throw on with jeans for an extra put together casual look or with black pants and pumps for a dressy occasion. I can’t get those bows out of my head! Too cute!!!
Anything on your wish list right now?!
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Taylor Anthony

A Daniel Wellington watch is definitely on my wish list right now. One of my New Year's resolutions is better time management and to be more punctual. Which completely justifies the watch purchase, right?! (At least that's what I keep telling myself)

Taylor Anthony // College, Caffeinated


That trench is a dream – but I totally get your hesitation! If I buy something and then don't wear it, I think "do I really need this?"

On the other hand, my friend always says if you dream about something, it's meant to be yours. And if you can't stop thinking about it, it's probably time to pull the trigger (again!)


Carly!! Life is way too short. Get the trench, girl. You deserve it. Mom always reminds me that hard work gets rewards, and let's me real… you work EXTREMELY HARD. Buy the trench. 🙂

Becky Lynn

You should definitely go and repurchase that Burberry trench coat. It was my dream to purchase one ever since I took a trip to London early high school. I finally splurged on one right before I started grad school – it was my reward for getting accepted and a celebratory treat for finally getting out of my terrible industry job. My coworker's did not understand how I could spend $1300 on a coat – they even made me a list of all of the other things I could've spent the money on (4.5 miles of fruit by the foot, 1 round trip ticket to Europe, 452 burgers from Sonic). And even though I wouldn't even consider spending that amount of money now when I'm only a graduate student, I never ever regret the fact that I have. A Burberry trench is an investment piece, it's perfect for New England weather (I was even able to wear mine up until December), and honestly, you just feel amazing wearing it. Given that Thomas Burberry invented the trench coat, why buy one from anyone else?

I think it may be sold out, but this is my coat

Becca || Favors and Festivities

PS – If you can, take a trip to PA or NJ and purchase it there. I grew up as a Jersey girl and adjusting to CT sales tax has been brutal!

Stephanie Fowler

I invested in my own Burberry trench coat two years ago as a reward for paying off a line of credit secured when I bought my house. It IS an investment piece and I was assured with proper care it could easily last ten years or longer. There is something to be said for classic basics. I say go for it – but take care of it! And be careful with which purses you use while wearing it…my Kate Spade purse strap actually rubbed off on the back of my coat. For. Shame.