A Snack You Have to Try

One of the best/worst things about working from home is the snacking. I say best because at my old job there was constant temptations. It seemed like there were birthday cupcakes three times a week and treats for every occasion you can think of. Now at home, I can only snack on whatever we have in the apartment. (This can also be a bad thing like when Godiva sent a stack of boxes for the holidays and there were so many chocolates!!!) 
Most of my favorite snacks stay relatively the same over time: oatmeal if I’m starving, fruit if I’m craving sugar, Nourish Snacks if I need something crunchy, and popcorn if I just need something to mindlessly snack on. I really try to avoid snacking altogether but I know I don’t work well if I’m hungry so I’ll snack if necessary.
Garrett and I were grocery shopping at Target (the best place on earth) and he threw in some bags of Love Crunch granola that he said was really good. Hmmm okay. I mean, granola is granola right? Wrong.
Man… this stuff is so good! When I snapchatted it this week, it was one of my most screenshotted pictures ever and I got a ton of comments/tweets back about how much other people liked it too. It’s a winner. If you like the Special K Red Berries cereal (aka the best cereal ever) you will love this stuff.

I prefer snacking on granola plain, but think this would be delicious with plain yogurt or milk if that’s your kind of thing. And Love Crunch even shared a delicious looking brownie recipe using the granola. Yum!

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I have their Carrot Cake granola and have been eating it for breakfast on Greek yogurt every day for weeks! Can't wait to try this one!