You might forget to bring… College Edition

So you know how I wrote that book last summer? Well it’s technically not being published, but I thought I’d share a chapter with you guys. It’s the last chapter of the book and not much of a “real” chapter at all. It’s a list! Remember how much I love lists???

Okay, so these are things BEYOND the average “Dorm Room Checklist.” Obviously, even though I don’t have pillows on the list it doesn’t mean you don’t need pillows.

1. Medical insurance cards 2. Push pins 3. Prescriptions 4. Address book (with addresses of friends and family) 5. Pictures of Fido the dog 6. Umbrella 7. Ping pong balls (for table tennis, of course) 8. Duffel bag for weekend trips 9. Shower shoes 10. Digital Camera 11. Alarm clock 12. Chargers (cell phone, camera, laptop) 13. 1980’s outfit 14. Nail polish 15. Air freshener 16. Duster 17. Vacuum 18. Refrigerator magnets 19. An old, extra cell phone 20. Travel coffee mug 21. Grey’s Anatomy season one on DVD 22. Bandages 23. Ice pack 24. Sleeping bag 25. Portable air mattress 26. USB flash drive 27. Computer mouse for laptop 28. Blankey (how can you sleep without it?) 29. Water purifier pitcher 30. Reusable plastic water bottle 31. Ink cartridges (they’re expensive, have your parents buy them!) 32. Spanish-English Dictionary (or French, German, Mandarin, etc.) 33. Three hole puncher 34. Rain jacket 35. Baseball hat 36. Extra contact lenses/ spare eyeglasses 37. White board markers 38. Light bulbs 39. Trashcan 40. Business attire for class presentations 41. A dressy outfit 42. Halloween costume 43. Sunglasses 44. Names of your doctors from home 45. Digital voice recorder 46. Space saving clothes hangers 47. Vitamins (the key to staying healthy) 48. Hand sanitizer- Economy sized 49. Deck of cards 50. This book!

Ummm… so I guess you can’t really bring this book with you, since the book doesn’t exist outside of my laptop. But, I hope this helps!!!


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I would love to be able to bring that book with me, even if it's a file on my computer 🙂 Please put it on here somehow. Btw – very helpful list


Have you thought about self-publishing it as an e-book? I'd totally snag it if you did! I'm thinking of doing that with a study habits book I'm currently writing.


Sounds like a great book! Please please make a post about the "things you wish you knew". It would be great for future college students 🙂

Southern Lilly Lover

Yes, yes, yes and yes!
My favorites;
pink pong balls (for table tennis of course ;D)
80's outfit
old extra cell phone
Halloween costumes

Cowgirl outfit
Laptop lock (if you're in a dorm)
Phone numbers of the drs as well
Trash bags

I wish I had these lists when I was a freshman!