10 THINGS Vol. 9

It’s time for another “ten things” post. I stole this idea from my friend Kelly– but it’s basically just an old school blog post where I share the first ten things that come to mind… Ready, set, go!

1. SOUP SZN // I am in my soup season right now. I don’t know what it is but I legitimately want to eat soup every day. I did go through a similar phase when we lived in Hoboken– I used to go get the soba noodle bowl nearly every day from Panera, but that was years ago. There is just something so comforting about a warm bowl of soup. Mike is great at making soup (god bless him) and then otherwise I’ve been getting different pre-prepared ones from Whole Foods, too. The Chile Verde Chicken Soup is 🔥

2. SECOND EARRINGS // When I was down in Tampa for Thanksgiving, my sister and I went to go get my second holes pierced. This has been on my “bucket list” for years. I was heavily inspired by my sister and I told her I wouldn’t do it without her! (It was actually her Christmas gift to me!!) I tried to get it done a while ago, but then we realized I had to wait until I was pregnant or breastfeeding. When my breastfeeding journey came to an end, Stacy and I knew we were going to make it happen. I’ll be honest, I didn’t believe I would actually go through with it until it was done. I was googling “second piercing regret” on the way there and nearly chickened out after the lady drew the dots on my ears…. I have to say though, now that I have them done, I am obsessed. I think about how much I love it daily!!! My ears were pierced when I was a toddler and I have no memory of it so I think for me it felt like a rite of passage in a way… It did hurt way worse than I was expecting when I got them pierced, but then the healing process was way less painful (and much quicker) than I expected.

3. HIBERNATION // This is always the time of year when I go into hibernation mode. I want to eat an early dinner, get in bed as soon as the sun sets, and watch movies and get cozy and not go outside. This is very much not possible with an active toddler. We are always on the go together and when he’s in daycare, I’ve got a to-do list a mile long I am trying to get through. I’m trying to find “hibernation moments” instead now. Ways I can still honor that yearning for quiet coziness even when there isn’t as much time or space for it in my life. I’ve been letting myself work from bed while Jack naps and I am getting into bed pretty early still to read and needlepoint. Maybe this is also why I’m so into soup lately too… now that I think of it.

4. USING THE GOOD THINGS // I keep seeing quotes floating around the internet, especially since the start of the new year, about how we should be using the good things. About a year ago, I had this major realization that I had been hoarding all these things as a kids, for what? I don’t know. Erasers. Pencils. Stickers! I definitely still have containers of these things somewhere in my parents’ house. I have to be honest and say that it’s still really hard for me, but I’m making an effort to USE the things. I’ve been lighting the expensive candles! Pulling out our wedding china (really love that we had an intimate wedding so we get to use our the dishes from our actual wedding!), and wearing my fancy lipsticks and perfumes and beauty products.

5. NEW MAKEUP ROUTINE // Inspired by a TikTok that I watched recently, I’ve been experimenting with new makeup. Like, all new everything. New products, new techniques. My makeup routine has barely changed over the years. Maybe I swap in a new mascara or a new foundation, but I tend to do the exact same thing every day. I don’t have anything to share…. yet. I’m still in the experimentation stage– but having fun!

6. BOY CLOTHES // I hope this doesn’t come off as snobby, but I’m so picky about little boy clothing. When Jack has an opinion, I’ll obviously follow his lead, but in the meantime… I’m putting together outfits. I really think so much boy clothing out there is, I don’t want to say terrible, but let’s just say it’s not my style. I feel like the spectrum is either: Star Wars everything, girly designs, or cheesy and ill-fitting. With that said, now that Jack is pretty close to wearing a 2T, there are so many more options and it’s getting more fun to find things for him. Basically my rule of thumb is if it’s a mini version of something Mike would wear, it’s a yes. Little Henleys, button downs, simple tees, pullovers, etc. I will not wish away time, but oh I can’t wait for him to fit into crewcuts 🤣! We’re close! In the meantime, these $9 toddler pants from Target are literally saving us! I bought every color and he wears a pair 99% of the time right now.

7. DATE NIGHTS // It took us a long time, lol, but Mike and I are finally figuring out how to do proper date nights more consistently. I think a lot of new parents have a hard time figuring it out. We’re lucky to have great help during the week in terms of childcare (between my flexible schedule, daycare three days a week, and one “camp grandmom” afternoon), but it was more challenging to get date nights locked down for us. We’d want to! But then miss the window for babysitters’ availability and we’d just order fancy takeout for home. Feeling like we’ve been making it work, even with all the extra effort required lately, and it’s been so nice! (And yes, this is coming from someone who has self-proclaimed themself to be in hibernation 😉.)

8. NEW SCHEDULE // We’ve had relatively the same weekly schedule for Jack Jack for awhile. In a good rhythm across the board with activities and daycare! But Jack is moving up to the toddler room in early March, and because of limited availability, we’re switching the days he goes a little bit. Nothing major, but it’s going to mean reworking his “activity” schedule. Really not an issue, but as someone who is so set on routines, it’s going to be a little bit of a challenge for me getting reacquainted with it. I also think we may take a break for some of his activities when it happens so we can do more free play and casual friend hangs… especially leading into summer with a lot of travel already planned. Kind of wild to be thinking so much about a toddler’s schedule, but here we are. He’s just a busy guy with things to do and people to see!

9. FRIENDSHIPS // It’s been a few months (somehow already) since I wrote about this realization I had about some of my friendships. Even since writing it, I’ve had even more time to process and find clarity (and establish more boundaries) and I’m feeling like I’m just in a much better place overall. It’s a big relief going into a new year with a fresh perspective, for sure.

10. TRIPS // Mike and I have a few trips on the calendar already, but also want to do a couple more. There are still a couple more trips we’re trying to find time for. You guys know I’m a terrible traveler, but these are all things I genuinely want to do so it’s actually been exciting to plan! Our summer is pretty much booked up already with our usually family vacations, so right now I’m looking ahead to spring and what might work schedule wise there. I have a few places I’d love to visit or revisit!

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Raos soups are game changers. You can have on hand and easily heat up. Healthy and clean ingredients too!


If you’re looking for a wonderful weekend getaway, check out Mohonk Mountain House in NY. Everything about it — the hotel, the food, the spa, the activities — is perfection. Pricey but well worth it! (Also works w/ or w/o kids)


I am also picky about boy clothes (😬) and have found an go-to outfit is overalls and a cute pima printed turtleneck underneath (Little English just had a big sale). I let him pick the pattern he wants to wear that day (fire trucks, dinosaurs, etc) and it’s really fun! Also, LL Bean has the cutest quilted pullover. I love your blog!!


Experimenting with my make up routine is one of my goals this year. I feel the same way, I’ve pretty much done the same exact thing my entire life and I am ready to try some new *lewks*. Would love to see a post or IG reel on any new products/techniques you find work!


I totally identify with the hoarding stickers and pencils as a kid- which I’ve now given to my daughter. She will have to work on her own things but a scarcity mindset isn’t one of them because she uses them up. Im still a work in progress but trying to use the nice soaps, candles, and even gift cards.


Here here on the boys clothing! My mom and I always say to each other “why does every store want me to dress my son like the prince and the pauper.”

Though for me it’s the reverse. I find that I pick out my son’s clothes, and then my husband will go “That’s pretty cool!” So now I’m finally learning his taste. 🤣

Libbi Vynalek

Those reinforced knee pants for boys at Target are GOLD. We’ve had them every year since my son could fit into them. He’s now a 4T, and they only go up to 5T, so we only have one more year or so that he can wear them. I will be so sad when that season ends!

Love the round-up, I read Kelly’s every week as well!


We just did a movie date night and so glad we got up off the couch and actually went to a movie theater. Movie choice – A Man Called Otto and it was a delight. It will renew your faith in humanity.

Maria Novilla

When my eldest son started fitting into crewcuts, I got SO excited. Their sale section for boys is amazing and love their designs!