4 Super Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Yesssss. Self care really is such a buzzword and can easily be brushed off as a “trend,” but I think the reason why it’s so popular right now is because it’s so important. I do believe that there are mixed messages about what self care looks like and it might be different for everybody. For me, I think of it as things I can do daily (nourishing my body with good food and plenty of water, working out, meditating, getting enough sleep) that provide long-term health. It’s like taking care of a car every day versus waiting until it’s on its last leg to get it serviced. As always, loving Maxie’s tips here.


4 Super Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Guest post by Maxie McCoy

Everyone talks about self care these days. We’re constantly talking about it, reading about it, going to events about it. Self care! Self care! Self care! And it IS a wildly important topic, because if we’re not taking care of ourselves, it can be much more difficult to take care of other priorities – like our families, or classwork, or relationship, or career.

But so often the topic of self care gets communicated in ways that feel sweeping, in huge shifts we need to make, in major money we need to drop. However, that’s wrong (in my opinion!). The most effective self care is all about the tiny choices we make consistently. It’s not about showing up at the gym for two hours a day, it’s about getting 20 minutes in of fresh air. It doesn’t have to be about quitting all of social media, it just needs to be about being intentional with your time while you’re on there. You don’t have to pack up your things and move to another country for a year to take care of yourself (though, caveat, I’ve done this) – you probably just need a day to let your mind and your energy roam free.

You get the picture…the biggest strategy for self care is small choices that will have major impact. I wish I had learned this earlier, because I was always guilting myself into these huge habits I needed to try. Or complete shifts I needed to make. When really, it was just tiny choices that could be made day in and day out that needed my attention.

Here’s a few that have worked for me, and I’m super interested in what’s worked for you! These are super simple ways you can give yourself a little tender loving care, without having to change your entire life to take care of yourself:

Move your phone away from your bed. Hands down, this has been THE most life changing choice I’ve made in the last year. I go to bed with so much more peace, I read more, and I wake up without anxiety because the notifications on my phone aren’t the first thing I see. Try it for a week, and I promise you’re unlikely to go back. It’s such a game changer for a more calm headspace (and better sleep!).

Keep a gratitude journal. This legit takes 30 seconds a day. I write down 3 things I’m grateful for in this tiny pocket-size moleskine. Not only does it put the intention of abundance and love into the world by being grateful for what already is, it’s a super fun reflection to go back and read about all these tiny moments in a day that brought me joy. You can do this too. You’ve got 30 seconds.

Do some reading (in a real book). Give your screen time a break. Reading is such a wonderful thing to do with a bit of time, some cozy socks, and hot tea. You can get lost in your development, or in the story. And your imagination gets to run wild. Your heart gets some inspiration.

Move. Your. Body. You don’t have to make it to the gym every day. You just need to go for a walk. Or dance in your kitchen with your favorite song blasting (I seriously do this every week). We spend so much time in stillness, sitting, commuting, that getting your body moving again will bring energy that feels positive, helpful, and motivating.

Think about one small thing you can start doing to take care of yourself. Let it be tiny. And see how the ritual of doing that over and over will make you feel better than huge changes, expensive massages, and grand self care gestures ever could. Let your self care be simple.

For more inspiration like this from Maxie, read her book: You’re Not Lost.

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

On phones and beds, I came across someone who shared that one of her goals for the month is to not touch her phone until she’s eaten breakfast. I think I’m going to take on that goal as well, because not only does that motivate you to not reach for your phone first thing in the morning, but it also motivates you to eat breakfast.

I read a lot on my iPad via iBooks or Kindle because I find a lot of books online and am sent e-galleys as well, but in the last few months, I’ve really missed holding and reading physical books, so I’ve been making a more conscious effort to get my hands on physical books, whether that means borrowing from the library, buying some for cheap at charity shops, or simply buying them from bookstores to support authors 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


Lately I have been thinking a lot about how I can alter my lifestyle so I don’t need as much self-care in the first place, rather than getting stressed out then having to spend time recovering from said stress. I guess they both count as self-care but in my head they’re different…


I remember when I started keeping a gratitude journal when I was at uni, and it certainly did help me. I started doing it recently again a few months ago and it definitely does help me appreciate the ‘small stuff’.

Emily | Snippets of Emily’s Life xx


I love the phone tip! For me, one of my biggest self care things is making sure my bedroom and living room are clean/organized. I put things away as soon as I can and don’t let garbage or clothes pile up on the floor and other surfaces. When I have a clean space my mind feels so much calmer and I feel more relaxed in my home.

Ali Enza

Moving the phone away from the bed is definitely a life changer! It’s helped me get to sleep faster and means I spend more time relaxing and sometimes reading at night. 🙂 I think I need to start dancing around the kitchen more often too! I’m not terribly good at keeping a journal, but you’re right, 30 seconds really isn’t much to keep track of gratefulness!


I’ve been reading a ton lately and it’s all be on my Kindle. I actually just put some books on hold at the library so I can physically flip through the books! Love the phone idea – I’m so, so guilty of spending too much time on mine.