Business in the Front

I am fully under Sézane’s spell right now. In fact, I believe that is now my favorite clothing brand. I love the fit just as much as I love the style. Even just looking at their website inspires me to put together slightly chicer outfits. (Let me just tell you, too, my desire to return to Paris right now is in full swing!!!)

My onlllllly issue with it is that the clothing is produced in such small batches, so you have to be on your game to ensure you get a piece you want while it’s still available/still available in your size. I’m signed up for their emails so I’ll never miss a new collection’s launch. It’s only a matter of time before Sézane completely takes over my closet.

Carly Heitlinger

I’m not one to show too much skin, which is why I love that this sweater (while backless) is more covered in the front. Very “business in the front, party in the back.” And it also feels like something a ballerina might wear. Basically, I’m here for it.

(Here’s another option if you want something similar but with more coverage.)

Backless Sweater

I’ve also never been particularly fond of my back. I have a lot of faint freckles and little red dots (they’re like clusters of blood vessels on my skin’s surface, totally benign but not the cutest). I think with my workouts though, I’m more comfortable because my back feels stronger and my posture is better than ever. Or maybe I’m just older and feel more confident in my skin than I had when I was younger. Who knows!

Either way, here I am in a backless sweater and loving it 😉

Sezane Sweater

I wore this exact outfit with for a double date with friends. I’d usually go for a cute top (instead of a sweater), but since the back detailing is a little sexier it works!

Sezane Backless Sweater

And because I know I’m going to get a ton of questions about it…. I went braless. Yolo.

Black Heels Sezane

Sweater (similar option with a little more coverage) // Similar Jeans // Heels // Tortoiseshell Clutch 


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Kelly Larkin

“Yolo.” Hahahaha — I love you so much. Also, these photos are GORGEOUS. Love the backless sweater, and I’m living for all these easy-to-recreate classic outfits!


This is next-level fantastic! It’s like this top was made for you. And the accessories (as well as the few silver strands tbh) really make it very French and grown-up and such. a. look. Those jeans are incredible as well.


No slipping! Because of the cut (you can see it best from the front), it actually covers your entire shoulder. I had zero issues while standing, walking, and sitting!


I actually think it’s great that Sezane produces their clothing in small batches! It’s much better for the environment and also makes the pieces feel more special.

Brianna Rooney

Yes, I agree! While it’s sad to not being able to scoop something up, totally appreciate their commitment for less fast-fashion/ more sustainable!


I love this look! I wish I could pull something off like this, but I’m also anxious about my back! Love this look with the heels, though!


LOVE Sezane, just wish they had a store in Canada. Prices are already pretty high, then we have to pay for shipping and duty fees 🙁 .
Can’t wait to see more Sezane outfits on you:) Stunning back you have! Don’t be afraid of your freckles- you look AMAZING!


hahahahaha to yolo going braless! Sticky boobs are a pain anyways…. any time I’d wear them, esp at prom in HS, they just fell off. No one tells you that when you dance and sweat…they fall off haha!

Most of the time in the summer I literally try to buy dresses where I can go braless bc it’s just so hot out!

Katie |


“I went braless. YOLO.” — DEAD!! Love it!! I’m obsessed with this outfit. My boobs are a little sad (going on four years of nursing over here…) so it’s harder to confidently go braless in a sweater, but I just think open backs are so gorgeous and chic and unexpectedly sexy!


Do they ever have any sales or Promo codes? Dying over this sweater but I cant pull the trigger on a 125.00 sweater right now 🙁 It is soooo gorgeous though, I might just have to do it.

Stephanie Becker

Bless you for the braless yolo comment. How I feel every time I run to the convenience store with pajama pants and a sweatshirt on..!! That top is so classy! Love it.


I legit fell into a Sezanne hole last weekend. I found inspiration in a lot of their back catalogs too.