Fresh Workout Gear

I have a pretty solid “uniform” down for what I wear for workouts. If I’m running, I wear these shorts and one of these tech shirts. For BBG/HIIT workouts, I wear yoga pants and a tech shirt (or just a sports bra). For yoga classes, I like to wear crop tops and high waisted yoga pants.

Even with my favorites fully stocked, I can’t help but window shop. I used to be in the camp of not spending a lot of money on workout clothes, but now that I’m working out so much, I actually find that my clothes last so much longer when they’re higher quality. (And the quality is better for working out– they’re usually thicker and provide more coverage and don’t lose their elasticity.)

Tory Burch Tennis

Performance Ruffle Sweater + Tennis Skirt

Kate Spade Workout

Scallop Crop Leggings

Kate Spade

Colorblock Legging

Bandier Crop

Tour Legging


Tri Color Block Legging

Outdoor Voices Crop

Flex Legging

Outdoor Voices

Plié Wrap

Tory Burch Sport

Printed Leggings + Printed Sports Bra


Splits 59

Playoff Jacket

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Anna Roberts

Love the workout outfits! (That tennis skirt *Le Gasp*)

I’m set to start an office management job in a week, and always appreciate your style outtake! (Leggings have been outlawed, but I love slim/straight pants) Would you have any recommendations for good quality dress pants/suits? I’ve been searching Talbots, BR, J.Crew, Zara etc but so overwhelmed!

Tressie Stark

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