5 Steps for Packing Lunch

When I think of packed lunches, I think of soggy sandwiches or sad leftovers. Louisa from Living Lou has put together an incredible packed lunch with a step-by-step to recreate it. I can’t believe how delicious and filling it looks. I think I’m most impressed by how much there is, while still being healthy and balanced. Definitely a filling meal to get you through the rest of your work day or classes.

5 Steps for Packing Lunch
Guest post by Living Lou

As promised, today I have a five step guide on how to pack a lunch. Hopefully this will give you a bit of insight into what you should be thinking about and looking for when you’re packing a lunch. This is just what works for me, I’d love to hear your tips and suggestions in the comments below. 

What I love about these five steps is that once you have this formula in mind, you can get creative with your lunches. I rely heavily on leftovers for my lunches, but you can easily whip up the Kale Quinoa and Sweet Potato Salad I shared last time! 
Step 1: Decide on your container. 
This is my personal favorite container that I use the most, but when you’re deciding on your container think about what you will be bringing. Do you want a warm lunch? Maybe opt for a thermos (I love to bring this Moroccan Vegetable Soup). 
Step 2: Decide on your “main.” 
This is the component that will make up most of your lunch. Usually my main will consist of some kind of leftover, like this stuffed sweet potato above. It’s important to think about protein when deciding on what your main will be, you want something that will fill you up and fuel you for the rest of your day. Quinoa salads are another one of my favorite mains to bring. 
Step 3: Protein 
I always focus on protein in my lunches because this is what will give you the energy for the rest of your day. Often these snacks come from my list of Lunchbox Essentials. Typically I’ll bring hummus (like this curried homemade hummus), but I actually ran out. For this lunch I opted for cashews, smoked turkey breast, and Havarti cheese for extra protein. 
Some other protein filled snack ideas include any kind of nut or seed, beef or turkey jerky or hard boiled eggs. 
Step 4: Fruit and vegetables
Now that I’ve got my protein covered, I look to add in fruit and vegetables. It always depends on what I have in my fridge, but today I opted for red peppers, snow peas and a tangerine. I like to bring at least two options because I find having a variety keeps lunch more exciting. 
Some other fruit and veggie ideas: sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, celery and grapes. 

Step 5: A little something sweet! 
I always like to add a little something sweet to my lunches, today I opted for dried mangoes. Some other swee options I like to add are chocolate covered almonds, dried strawberries, or a small cookie. 
Are you feeling inspired to pack your own lunch now? I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with another healthy lunch recipe – if you have any requests, let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to check out my Instagram for more daily food inspiration. 

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Audrey Lin

My schedule this semester is packed, and on Tues. and Thurs. I often find myself scramming for or altogether skipping lunch. Although I don't have very many options with campus dining hall food, I'll be on the look out for containers, I already have a few fruits and vegetables in mind that the dining hall always has available, and I never have a shortage of sweets haha. Hopefully my packed schedule will soon come with a packed lunch, so that I can start eating all my meals! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Autumn Rush

Try the Rubbermaid LunchBlox! I pack my lunch in them before I go to bed, and throw them in a tote before I head to campus. It has made preparing lunch so much easier!

Madeeha Syed

This is such a helpful post! My Tuesday/ Thursday class schedule is really hectic so I tend to bring dinner and eat between my lecture and lab. I've just been bringing leftover chicken, salmon, pasta etc. and some sort of side salad. I think it's great you're still having posts which are helpful to college students like myself even though you've graduated!

– Madeeha

Southwestern Prepster

Love this post! I sometimes find myself buying little snacks to eat in class because I skip lunch when I don't have time to walk back to the dining hall, and I really should start trying to pack a lunch! The dining hall food is decent, but sometimes it really just isn't very filling, I'll definitely have to look at adding more protein into my diet!
xx, Mikkaela
The Southwestern Prepster

White Cabana

I absolutely hate packing a lunch. It's not the food part that bothers me…it's the darn container! I have yet to find the perfect container. This one looks pretty good, though, I must say! Thanks for the tips!

Triskele Reviews

I don't mind eating sack lunches, but I absolutely hate having to pack them. I always seem to get something squished, or something leaks. Whatever the issue is, the lunch is always less than organized. As a Type-A personality, that is a definite problem for me. However, this container seems to be the perfect solution!

Great post!