… happy monday!

Anyone else feeling the Monday blues? I typically LOVE Mondays, a fresh start! My whole day has been out of whack because of this snow/ice/slush.

To make your snowy Monday a little more sunny: I’ve teamed up with Lilly Pulitzer and a few of my blogger friends for an Instagram giveaway, so swing by there to find out how to enter! It’s a loop… but only five of us, so it doesn’t take forever to go through. We each styled a favorite piece from the spring collection. (Oh, and it ends tonight, so don’t wait!)

I love finding ways to wear my favorite Lilly pieces in the city. This zip up sweatshirt is PERFECT to wear to and from my yoga classes!

Let me know if you entered! Good luck 🙂

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Ellen Borza

What a fun giveaway! And thank you for making it only 5 people. It's really frustrating to go through so many accounts in a loop giveaway, and I eventually just give up. This jacket is so cute! I would wear it all the time.

Ellen | A Pop of Pink

Mia Rose

I just recently discovered your blog and I think its so cool that you used to do crew ( I row too and its nice to find other rowers!) I also love that jacket by the way, was thinking of getting that or the popover for spring 🙂

Ali Henriques

I entered! All of the looks that were posted in the loops were lovely. Thanks for introducing a few other instagram accounts to follow; it's always a nice pick me up to see beautiful photos!